5 things to do on a Motzei Shabbos in Yerushalayim

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With winter fast approaching, Motzei Shabbosim are getting longer and longer. I know, there are always
dishes to wash, but why not hit the town for a good time? Here are the top 5 things to do in Jerusalem
on a Saturday night.

1. Escape room
Going to an escape room is a fun and engaging activity for a couple or a group of friends. You and your
party are locked into a room (or sometimes a series of rooms) and have to look around for clues, codes
and keys until you break yourself out. There is a storyline told to you before you go in, and a series of
connecting clues leading you along, to help you get out in the time frame of one hour. It’s thrilling,
unifying and really thought-provoking. (Bring your smartest friends!) Its a great way to spend an evening
indoors with something fun to do. Although there are many escape rooms in Jerusalem, I found one I
liked in the Ben Yehuda area. Call to book in advance because only one group can go at a time.
Secret room Jerusalem

16, Yoel Moshe Salomon St, Jerusalem

2. Go out to eat.
This one never gets old! They say that eating connects people, and it’s definitely always enjoyable!
Whether you’re ordering to your home, finding a park to chill in, or eating in the restaurant (corona
permitting of course) eating out is a fun way to connect with friends and family. Check out our list of
restaurants for some good ideas and fast contact information. We have a separate list of dairy and parve
places, the usual go-to's after a Shabbos full of meat, or Fleishigs for those who want. Delivery options
are included, check it out!

3. Kever Rochel or Shmuel Hanavi
For those of us looking to get holy on a Motzei Shabbos and take advantage of living in the land, going to
a Kever is a great idea. There is always something or someone to Daven for, and Kevarim are a
wonderful way to connect. Kever Rochel has busses running even on Motzei Shabbos (try the 71 or 72.)
It’s a quick ride and a fantastic way to fill your evening.
Kever Shmuel Hanavi is less popular but also a great and fulfilling way to spend your Motzei Shabbos.
Any bus going up Shmuel Hanavi Street should take you to the bottom of the hill, although you still have a small mountain to climb! With a breathtaking view, Shmuel Hanavi is one of the highest points in Jerusalem, so hitch a ride, or put on your sneakers for the winding paved road ahead. Aside from being a wonderful Jewish prayer site, Kever Shmuel Hanavi is surrounded by a nice area with benches, gazebos
and places to walk around. With beautiful indoor bathrooms, it’s really all inclusive!

4. Bowling, Go Carts, Arcades
If you’re missing the fun thrill of a Dave and Busters, or local bowling alley, we’ve got you covered.
On the bottom few floors of Talpiot mall is a bowling alley, a room with arcades, karaoke, and go carts.
The bowling alley is really big and well done, complete with a cafe for chips and salsa, slurpees, and
loads of other snacks and treats. They are constantly upgrading their arcades. You can win tickets for
prizes or reserve a pool table. On the lower level is a go-cart track for 50 shekels per round. Enjoy!
Bowling Talpiot
HaUman St 17, קניון לב תלפיות

5. Ceramic Painting
For a more relaxing and slow paced activity, try out one of Jerusalem’s many pottery studios. With soft
music playing, and calm energy, ceramic painting is a fun way to unwind and create, especially for those
who are artistic. You can paint a cute tchatchka for your shelf, a serving dish for Shabbos, or a gift for a
friend. With many options to choose from at varying prices, it’s a wonderful activity, and great for all
ages. JClay is in Jerusalem’s center, located in Geula area. This studio specializes in Judaic products, from
models of Kever Rochel, Mezuzos, Kiddish Cups and more. For a Motzei Shabbos appointment, call to
book in advance.
Yosef Ben Matityahu St 14, Jerusalem

We hope you find this list informative and varied for whatever mood you find yourself in on Motzei
Shabbos! Luckily for us, Yerushalayim has really got it all! Enjoy your evening and Gut Voch!

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