Adventure Trips Part 2: Extreme Adventures

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Etgar Bahar Ropes Course

The Etgar Bahar Ropes Course, located in the Galilee in a beautiful pine forest in Kibbutz Sasa, is a complex ropes course certain to give you and your family a thrilling adventure. The park is divided into many different trails to accommodate various ages and levels. The children’s trail is fit for younger children between 7 and 12 years of age. It is a mini rope park in which kids can climb, jump, and swing with the accompaniment of an adult. Next up is the medium trail, a newly developed trail for children between 6 and 9 years old. The trail is 1.9 meters high, is made of 10 different bridges, and is the perfect fit for children who are new to the world of rope parks and for parents who are looking for a safe yet exciting experience for their young kids. Finally, the high trail is the main attraction in the park, which is suitable for anyone over the age of 9 and over the height of 1.35 meters. This rail includes 16 bridges of different levels, ranging from 3 to 10 meters high. In addition to the ropes courses, the park also contains a zip line and climbing walls and ladders, suitable for all ages.
For more information:
Contact number: 050-3069922

Rafting and Kayaking at Kfar Blum

A popular activity in Israel, rafting is an activity suitable for all ages and especially for large groups. One of the most highly recommended rafting places in Israel, Kfar Blum Rafting is located in the Galilee on the Jordan River, and provides a decent water flow even during the
hottest days of summer – one of the best times to go rafting. The complete experience is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes, and includes the options of a raft shared by up to six people or a kayak shared by two people. The activity is permissible for ages five and up for safety reasons, making this experience most suitable for families with older children. The price is 97 NIS per person, though special offers can be given upon personal contact ( There is also an option to zip line into the water, for an added price of only 35 NIS per person and an added excitement that is nearly unmatchable. The site offers a number of different adventures, including the options of speed kayaking, a 2.5 hour experience that allows you to cruise through the scenic and majestic beauty of the Galilee, and a top-rope adventure park, which, similar to the Etgar Bahar Ropes Course, provides a high ropes-course adventure, a Climbing Wall, archery, and a 300 feet long-zip line directly into the Jordan River. The price for the adventure park is 97 NIS per person, but is also subject to special prices.
For more information:
Contact number: 073-7763330

Jeep Riding- Gush Etzion

Jeep riding is another exciting adventure for when you’re looking to take yourself or your family on a thrilling ride – literally. One great place to go jeep riding is in Gush Etzion, where the views are mesmerizing and the terrain is perfectly rocky. Lior Jeep Tours is a stellar jeep company
that provides exciting experiences for tourists and Israeli residents alike. There is a wide range of jeep tours available, ranging from 2 hours to 4 hours to 8 hours to several days. Each jeep seats eight people, making it appropriate for even very large families. The jeep tours take you along beautiful sites in the Gush Etzion and beyond, including Gush Etzion springs, battle sites, the Jerusalem Hills, the Judean plain, and Burma Road. Beyond being in the Gush Etzion, you can choose between a number of different routes through the Judean desert, ranging from ones that tour the Negev to ones where you can stop to take in the beautiful views of the Dead Sea, and so on.
More information:
Contact number: 054-8006920

Another great company for Jeep and ATV tours in Gush Etzion is Re-Gush ATVs and Jeep Tours. Tours are guided towards ages 3 and up, and you can choose between one hour, one and a half hour, and two hour tour options, including stops for explanations and observations.
Tours depart from Alon Shvut and take visitors through streams and springs along beautiful and exciting paths, providing for the most unique and breathtaking observation points in the Gush Etzion and Jerusalem area.
More information:
Contact number: 050-4651888

Snir Water Hike

The Nahal Snir Water Hike, located in the Golan Heights, is an exciting and beautiful experience for all those that are interest in nature and in hiking. The Snir Stream, also known as Hatsbani, is the longest of the Jordan River tributaries. It flows year round, making it particularly unique in Israel, through a beautiful riverside forest. The reserve has walks of different lengths, ranging from 30 minutes for families with older grandparents or younger children, to a couple of hours, for families looking for a more athletic experience. The short walks are suitable for strollers and wheelchairs, making for a particularly family-friendly activity. Along the hike, you walk through rushing water, waterfalls, wading pools, and climb over stones and tree roots. This is way more than an average hike. At certain parts of the walk, water can reach your knees, and there are even handholds to make sure that one doesn’t fall. In addition to wondrous water sites, there is also a picnic area, a bird hide, and a lookout point, but the main attractions are still the flowing river and the waterfalls.
More information:
Contact number: 04-6950064

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