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Basic wig care

When it comes to caring for your wig, there are a few things to know. First, it is very important to brush your wig after taking it off every night.  The best brush to use is a wide bristled brush so it doesn’t pull out so much hair, and if need be, a detangling spray.  I like the Olivia Garden vented paddle brush and the Mane ‘n Tail detangling spray. Both can be purchased on amazon. There are beauty supply stores on Yaffo that carry similar products as well. The best place to store a wig is on a wig head, away from humidity and sun. If you have a lace front or lace top wig, make sure the lace is not tight on the wig head so it won’t stretch. It is very important to wear a wig with dry, not wet hair underneath, to prevent the wig from stretching. If the wig is a lace wig, it can be a challenge to fix once stretched out.  In addition, wigs do need upkeep and maintenance especially if the wig has a lace front or lace top. Wigs do need to be recolored occasionally, especially here, since the Israeli sun is very strong which causes wigs to oxidize faster.  By taking care of your wig it will last and look beautiful for a long time.

Washing and styling wigs

How often should a wig be washed? It really depends on how much you wear it. For a wig that you wear every day, I recommend washing it every 4-6 weeks. For a Shabbos wig, or wig that is worn less often, every few months is enough. It is important to make sure you are bringing your wig to a shaitel macher who is experienced and trusted, and who will be careful with the wig. Lace front and lace top wigs are very delicate and need special care. If you find that your wig is very knotty or dry, ask your shaitel macher to do a deep conditioning treatment, which is a hair mask that leaves the hair super soft.

Buying a wig- everything you need to know

When buying a wig it is good to go to a recommended shaitel macher who can help you find the best wig for you, as it can be a very overwhelming process. There are many different companies and different options, higher end and lower end wigs. Higher-end wigs are made with unprocessed hair and are natural color which means the hair was never colored. These are usually custom wigs.  Lower end wigs are made from processed hair and usually had some color treatment done to them. It is important to keep in mind that some processed wigs don’t take color well and some can’t be colored at all.

Contrary to popular belief, wigs should be comfortable! Many people do need to adjust the cap size smaller or larger, and often need to tweak the color as well by adding in highlights, lowlights, or rooting. Most wigs need to have baby hair added to make the hairline more natural, or, if it’s a lace front or top, add in hair to match to your hairline.  It is also important to find out the natural state of the hair, if it dries wavy, straight, or is frizzy. Wavier hair holds a set better but you need to make sure it won’t frizz. You can ask the shaitel macher to wash and air dry it for you before you purchase the wig. In addition, find out about the warranty offered. In terms of cutting a new wig, keep in mind the wig will not grow! Always cut less! Most shaitel machers offer a free recut after the first initial cut.


Our Salon

In our salon, we offer services for all your wig needs, including repairs, color, wash n sets, cuts, and hair/wig courses. We also sell Irene wigs.  Some of the common repairs we do are adjusting the capsize, adding baby hair, adding a lace front, thinning wigs, adding hair, removing earpieces,  as well as all types of coloring. Many times people have wigs that are just sitting around in their closet that they don’t like for some reason.  Most of the time we can revamp these wigs and make them something beautiful! If the wig is an older style, very bulky or thick, we can remove hair, add in a lace front or baby hair to make it more natural-looking, and update the cut. Lastly, for anyone interested in becoming a shaitel macher or learning how to wash and style your own wig, we offer those courses as well.

Devora Schonfeld is a shaitel macher in Ramat Eshkol.  Devora has always had an interest in doing hair since she was young.  In fact, she started her hair and shaitel business when she was just 14 years old! She loves what she does and making women and girls feel beautiful! For any questions or to schedule an appointment, she can be reached at 052-828-5258 or WhatsApp 845-608-9895


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