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To remind those of you who may have missed it, for the next few weeks. Live your BIL will be discussing the pros and cons of ordering individual items from Amazon to Israel. Now that the free shipping bonanza has ended, and it looks like it may be a long term disappearance, you need to think long and hard before paying the (what looks like) outrageous international shipping rates. To find out what the local prices and availability are for the desired products and discover if it makes sense to buy locally or from Amazon. This week for our first product we will look to a personal favorite – Jigsaw puzzles.
During these days of quarantines and lockdowns, solving things, no matter what, whether jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, sudokus— is one of the ways many of us are amusing ourselves. Depending on your preference you can look at a few hour 300 piece puzzle, or if you are more adventurous, (or in Shana Rishona) and have time you can go for the multiple week 1,000 piece puzzle or even the month long 1,500 piece experience. Interestingly puzzles are really selling out fast. Demand for them is surging and many stores can’t keep stock on the shelves. At Ravensburger, the global market leader, sales are up in the last few months 370%!

In this weeks post we will look at puzzles of 1000 pieces as they are the size and value that most people (who are puzzlers) look to. They are long enough to give you that feeling of accomplishment and success when you finish, not too short as to feel like you wasted your money, yet not too long that you lose interest. (Or big enough that if you take a week or two break you will still be motivated
to finish)

Buying in Israel – Jigsaw Puzzles are definitely available in any toy store. The supply is large, and there is a large variety of styles and pictures to pick from. The issue becomes quality. For those in the know, Ravensburg puzzles (according to LIVE YOUR BIL) are found to be the highest quality and do not break apart while you are putting it together. They have thick and sturdy packaging and puzzle pieces, which fit
together securely and are not confused by pieces that look the same and “kind of” fit. This post is going to focus on Ravensburger, the thought being if you are going to invest money one or two times for your enjoyment then the extra money is well spent knowing that you won’t end up frustrated as the pieces get separates, crack, mixed up and ruined. The only downside is that with a premium product comes a premium price tag. For example in a local toy store in Talpiot – Beit Tzatzua – בית הצעצוע ( you can find 1000 piece Ravensburger puzzles for 150 Shekel + 40 Shekel Shipping. (Please subtract shipping if you are making a large order or live near any of the stores we mention) That is almost $57! In another local option the price is similar 1000 piece puzzles are 170
Shekel with another 30 shekel delivery for a standard puzzle.

Buying on Amazon – As we have written above puzzles are in high demand and therefore supply is limited. That being said, the average price for these 1000 piece puzzle is around $21. Here are a few examples: Option One and Option Two or Option Three. All three of these puzzles have shipping for under $19 dollars for shipping for a total of just less than $40! Or over 17 dollars less than buying locally.

This is a perfect example of when it makes sense to look at Amazon, as long as you are not in a rush. The convenience, ease, and monetary savings makes this a no brainer. Plus with any issues, their customer service is second to none. Look around on Amazon, find a puzzle that you like and enjoy!
– Of course a reminder, that you can find other cheaper companies locally for cheaper for example a 1000 piece from Trefl ( A Polish puzzle company) can be bought from Bambino (A Ramat Eshkol toy store) for 100 shekel ( around $30) . Add on another 20 shekel if you want it delivered comes out to almost $36. Then it comes down to personal preference.
– However once we go down that road Amazon has a plethora of cheaper puzzles as well. For example Option One, Option Two or Option Three are all $10 plus another $14 shipping coming out again slightly cheaper than the local option. One final point, all prices in this post are limited to a person buying 1 puzzle, in quantity there is always discount. For example, if you buy 300 shekel worth of toys from Bambino they will ship it to your door for free.
The same thing from Amazon, while each item does add cost, it gets significantly cheaper the more you buy. For example, if you bought all three puzzles in our model, the total price including shipping would be $62.83 for the Puzzles (Must stay below $75!) plus $38.21 shipping for a total of only about $33 per puzzle! So if you know any other puzzle enthusiast, then order together for some realsavings!

See you next week!

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