Which credit cards have no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees

Which credit cards have no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees



Living far from your American home is tough. Having to deal with Israeli bureaucracy is tougher. Yet, we know what would make things just a bit simpler. Imagine shopping in Geula and paying for your purchases directly from your American bank account, without paying any fees. Wouldn’t that be nice? That would mean you can skip the headache of financing in Israel, and you can keep banking in the U.S. where you’re comfortable, for no extra charge.  Many credit cards will charge exorbitant fees for transactions done in foreign countries. Now introducing some of our credit cards that have no foreign transaction fee and no annual fee. That’s it. Make a transaction with an American credit card from your American bank account in the heart of Yerushalayim, and no transaction fee will be charged.


Here is a list of credit cards that don’t have an annual fee plus any foreign transaction fees:


Delta SkyMiles Blue Amex Card

You will earn 2 points per dollar at restaurants and on Delta purchases, which can always come to good use with all the flying back and forth. Some good, basic travel benefits include no foreign transaction fee, auto rental collision insurance which will cover for you in Israel too, and
20% off in-flight food, beverages, and headsets. Also enjoy extended warranty protection and purchase protection, which will cover purchases that break or get stolen (the kids are around), and items that are past the manufacturer warranty.


Amex Hilton Honors Card

You deserve a break too, make that a Hilton break. With this card, you will earn 7 points on Hilton hotel or resort purchases. Benefits include extended warranty protection and purchase protection. These benefits are extra useful for whenever you order something from the states
which by the time it gets to you, is damaged. Fair credit is ok when applying for this card.


Bank Of America Travel Rewards Card for Students

This card is a good starters card. You’ll earn 1.5 points per dollar on all purchases. Bank of America allows you to open no more than 2 credit cards, of any issuer, within 12 months, so make sure you are eligible for this card before applying.


Barclays Wyndham Rewards Earner Card

If you use Wyndham lodging, enjoy 6 points at the hotels. In any case, you will also earn 5 points on gas and 2 points at restaurants and groceries. Barclays as well will only approve you for 2 credit cards per year.


Capital One Spark Cash Select Business Card

While traveling or driving around town, make use of these card benefits; auto rental collision insurance, for those that use rented cars (does not cover in Israel), travel accident insurance, lost luggage reimbursement, for those times when your luggage doesn’t show up on the
carrousel belt, cell phone protection for when it breaks or is stolen, purchase protection, and
more. All without paying foreign transaction fees or an annual card fee. Earn 1.5% cashback on
all purchases.


Capital One Platinum Credit Card

This is an easy card to get approved for but you won’t earn any rewards on purchases. You can increase your credit limit after only 5 months of on-time payments. This card includes 24-hour travel assistance services and emergency card services for stolen or lost cards, amongst more benefits.


Capital One Journey Student Rewards 

This card too is easy to get approved for, even beginners to credit. You will receive a bonus of 25% of your rewards if you pay your bill on time, along with 1% cashback on all your purchases.


Chase United Gateway Card

With this card, you can book your tickets with United and be calm knowing you’ll get trip cancellation insurance if need be, among additional travel benefits. This card is under the Chase 5/24 rule, meaning you can only apply if you haven’t opened more than 5 personal credit
cards within the past 24 months. Earn 2 points on United purchases, on gas, on local transit, and commuting.


Citi Expedia rewards Card

This Citi Expedia card is great for all those bookings you keep making. Earn 3 points on eligible Expedia purchases including flights, hotels, and travel packages.


Discover It

The Discover It card is easy to get approved for new credit is usually ok. All cashback throughout your first cardholder year will be matched.


U.S. Bank Altitude Go Visa Signature Card.


This is a go card, providing points for practically anything on-the-go. Earn points on takeout
food, food delivery, restaurants, groceries and grocery delivery, gas, and streaming services. You will need good credit to get approved for this card.

Keep in mind that all the above-mentioned cards have no foreign transaction fee and no annual fee.

For more cards, visit the HMBC Credit Card Finder to view hundreds of cards and filter out the criteria that suit your needs in a credit card.
Foreign transaction fees can add up to lots of money come the end of the month. Try signing up for one of the above cards to eliminate those fees and you‘ll feel like you’re shopping at home!