The Secrets of AliExpress

The Secrets of AliExpress



Fashionable and Savvy shopping can be a challenge when living overseas. With limited ordering options in Israel, we might feel the inconvenience to be a burden; that from time to time translates into homesickness. In America we have endless choices of stores selling quality wardrobe essentials and we can easily get anything from beanies, purses, coats, baby outfits, simcha dresses, and everything in between! Furthermore, in the States there are many options for online shopping that offer great prices and seasonal sales. Israel does have some great stores in Geula and large shopping malls such as Ramot Mall and Malha Mall…But, sometimes you
may just feel like you’re missing something that feels more close to home.

Shopping online by ordering from Aliexpress might just be the answer you’ve been looking for! On Ali, you can order from a full line of clothing, accessories, home decor, and more! Their website is low-priced, eligible, super easy and user friendly for all.

Behind Aliexpress….How does it work?

Many large companies and distributors have factories located in China. These factories make designer clothing and accessories that are sold in America, Europe and other countries. China was smart and began copying the popular styles, with the same quality fabrics, selling them privately. This is where Aliexpress comes in. Aliexpress makes these products accessible to the world at large, at wholesale prices!

What are the facts?

Ali does have lots of benefits, but it is also important to be aware of the disadvantages.

1. Shipping times

Ali ships to Israel for free, but be advised that shipping time is usually between 4-6 weeks. The long shipping time can be an obstacle for many, especially when you need something right away; and it may be more worthwhile to buy at a local store. More specifically, one is usually better off buying things like childrens’ toys, gadgets, scooters, and bikes from an actual store here in Israel, than from Aliexpress. This is because most of these items are sold at an already decent price in real stores and generally are the same quality.

2. Sizing

Please be advised that Chinese sizing often differs from European and US sizing. The sellers will almost always write up their sizing and measurements on their web pages; and carefully reading and measuring your size will ultimately get you the best fit. However, this can be tedious and time consuming for a busy mother, who is ordering multiple items in multiple different sizes. That is when shopping at an actual store might just make a lot more sense.

3. Return Policy

The lack of easy returns has also stopped people from pursuing Aliexpress orders. Since all products on Aliexpress are shipped from China, it becomes a real hassle to return your items to the seller in China. The seller may offer you a small refund and just allow you to keep the product – as accepting the return and shipping the product would be more costly and take too much time. However, if you cannot resolve the issue directly with the seller of the specific product, you can always file a dispute with Aliexpress. Depending on the product and circumstance, Aliexpress has the ability to give you a full refund.

Just as in everything in life, we must always weigh the pros and cons. Shopping online from Israel on Aliexpress has a handful of drawbacks, but also many great benefits and opportunities. Each family has different needs and has to determine what will work best for


How can I personally benefit?

The frum world has jumped on the bandwagon and has been ordering for private consumption, or reselling in their own stores. For those who are looking for a small parnassah on the side, Ali can be a great opportunity. You can choose one area to invest in, order from the website and start a business in your very own living room! Others in the NY/NJ area have done this and made a steady income! Such stores are appreciated here in Israel and can be a solid income if you put in the time and effort. But, if you aren’t looking to invest too much, you can host a small pre-yom tov, pop-up sale and make a nice profit as well. Some popular ideas might be to sell jewelry, baby clothing, or ladies and teen clothing. Now here is where the big secrets come in. To help you out on your shopping hunt, there are a couple of websites that were created with ‘picks’ from Aliexpress. All items on these sites
were selectively picked out from Aliexpress by fashion hunters, and were put together for you! It eliminates all the searching on your part and organizes each category separately. These categories include and are not limited to- baby, kids, teen, men, women, simcha dresses, yomim tovim, and home decor.

The best of Aliexpress websites:

Ali Picks-

Ali Favorites-

Sort Ali-

So next time you have a simcha and you’re searching for a dress, don’t waste another minute after searching in all the local stores. Just make an order from Aliexpress! And be prepared for all the compliments you’ll be getting from family and friends!





Exercise is crucial for every healthy human being. It increases blood circulation, strengthens muscles, and promotes oxygen flow. With some of our favorite local exercise spots closed with Covid-19, we can be feeling cooped up in our apartments or work spaces. This can lead us to unwanted feelings, such as stress and tension.  We would usually have the opportunity to do our minimal exercise by running to and from our workplaces, shopping at different stores, hopping on and off busses, and simply being out and about. But with lockdowns, quarantines, and working from home- we’ve cut down a lot from our day-to-day outings. Setting aside time daily, or even just weekly to go on a power walk can be invigorating and a healthy source of exercise. There are quite a few spots locally that are scenic and relaxing that can serve as a fun and free option! Although we might feel tired at the end of our day from all our day-to-day tasks and caring for our children, we must not forget to set aside time for self-care- to do some real exercise.  But there is nothing like breathing in crisp fresh air and promoting blood circulation. Besides, exercise helps improve our mood and makes us feel happier and stronger.
There are many beautiful places to take a walk with a friend, a spouse or a stroller. (Not to compare the two.)

Ramat Eshkol– Ramat Hagolan has smooth sidewalks, trees and greenery. The traffic is low and it can serve as a peaceful oasis.

Maalot Dafna– Kvish Echad has a wide sidewalk along the train tracks surrounded by flowers and greenery. It is quiet and has ample space for a few people to walk comfortably.

Har Nof- Rechov Katzenelbogen stretches around the hill, with breathtaking views of Ya’ar Yerushalayim scenery. (At sunset it’s one of the most beautiful times to go, as the sky is a breathtaking panoramic hue of colors.)

Beit Shemesh– Gan Nachal Sorekh (Soreq) is a park with lots of nature, a pond and a trail made for walking. It is a fantastic option for you to slip away for an hour alone or to bring along the kids.

Giv’at Shaul– Kanfei Nesharim street is a long and wide street great for power walking that leads you straight to the gesher hametarim (the chords bridge). With less nature, but more busy life around you- you can tune out to the sounds of a busy street in the background.

All of these places are close by, convenient, and most of all-effortless fun!  Don’t forget to wear comfortable, supportive shoes and of course always bring along a water bottle.
If you’re going walking anytime between 10 am and 2 pm and the sun is out- you may want to apply sunscreen to prevent excess UV exposure.

Finally, if you’re really tight in your schedule and need a quick way to get out- you’re in luck! With Chanukah here, we are blessed to be in Israel and feel the Yom Tov in the air. Taking a Chanukah walk is the greatest home-made entertainment all while being a source of fresh air and exercise. Just put on some sneakers and head out and down your local streets and you will enjoy the sight of hundreds of glowing menorahs peering from the windows. This sight will carry you through the year with warm feelings of light that the holy menorah provides. You will come home feeling uplifted and enriched- both physically and spiritually!

By setting aside time for ourselves we will be able to be the best versions of ourselves. We will be better to our co-workers, to our spouses, and to our children. So go for it! What do you have to lose? (Besides for a few calories…)