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There are some concepts that don’t exist until you become an adult. Utility billsare one of them. When you leave home and move into your own place, you’re suddenly faced with a bunch of bills and have the responsibility of keeping track of them and paying them all on time. Some find it challenging, but almost everyone manages. When you move to Israel, utility bills become a whole new story. New language, new systems, slower-than-snail mail… Live Your Best Israel Life is here to help!

Let’s start with the basics.

What are utility bills?

In general, these include paying for electricity, water, gas, internet, and phone lines. In this article we’ll discuss electricity, water, and gas.
You can pay your water and electric bills at the post office but if you want to avoid the hassle and Live Your Best Israel Life, then read on.

Gas bills
Amisragas is the main company that supplies gas, although there are others such as Pazgas. Each bill covers two months’ worth. It should be your lowest bill. You can pay your gas bill online with an American or Israeli credit card. For your convenience, click here for the payment page. (or here if you’re with Pazgas: ) Alternatively, you can phone in and go through the automated system to pay your bills – this can be a productive way to spend long bus journeys. You will usually have the phone number and all the necessary details on your bill (and of course
you’ll need your card).
Amisragas: 03-710-0900
Pazgas: 1-700-709-636

Electricity Bills
The name of the company is IEC (Israel Electric Company) known in Hebrew as חברת החשמל לישראל. It will probably be the largest bill of the three. This also covers two months’ worth of electricity. You can call 103 and navigate your way through the automated system to pay your Israel electric bill, or you can pay your electricity bill online in Israel here.

Water Bills
The water company is called Hagihon. Like the other two bills, it covers two months’ worth. The number of household members affects the bill so make sure to register yourselves when you move in, and add when necessary by calling up. You may have to scan in and send them the first and last page of your rental contract to prove that you live there now, as well as proof of the number of members in your family. It may be a hassle, but you’ll save money on your Israeli water bill every month so be sure to sort this out fast. As with the other bills, you can pay your water bill online in Israel with an Israeli or American credit card here.
You can also phone up to use the automated system at *2070.
As a side note, if you have difficulty with the previous tenant not willing to pay the month he left claiming it’s on you, you don’t need to pay it. On the bill will be two amounts, the past months and the current month’s. If you keep paying the current month’s bill, they won’t shut off your water. 

More tips on how to pay your bills

It is good to know that any bill that asks for a Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID) when paying online does not need to be the TZ of the cardholder. Therefore, you can use your American credit card and plug in your friend’s TZ number and Voila!! (I do this)

Additionally, if you note down the contract number מספר חשבון חוזה, you won’t even need to have the bill to pay by phone. People have learned the importance of this when they were called about being late to pay a bill that they hadn’t even received yet. The lady explained that you’re supposed to know the bill is due and pay it, even if it hasn’t yet arrived!

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