Bituach Leumi

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Are you confused by the bituach leumi rules? Like how do you pay, who is supposed to pay, and when?? You are not alone. Here is a brief set of guidelines about paying into bituach leumi.



All Israeli citizens need to pay into bituach leumi from the time they reach six months after their Aliyah date. The monthly amount is usually 106 shekel. If you are employed, this amount will get deducted automatically from your paycheck every month. The bituach leumi charge is comprised of a social security tax as well as a health tax. If you are not employed (Student/soldier), you can set up a direct payment via credit card or direct deposit from your bank. Paying into bitauch leumi is important since it ensures that you get benefits including maternity leave, unemployment, and retirement.


Any oleh/olah who immigrated to Israel before the age of 62 (for a woman) or 67 (for a man) and who fulfills the income requirements is entitled to Kitzbat Ezrach Vatik(the old age stipend) from bituach leumi. After age 70, all Israeli citizens should apply for Kitzbat Ezrach vatik. It is worthwhile to apply in any case (even if you are not sure you qualify because of your income levels). The worst that can happen is they will deny your application.


The easiest way to keep track of your payments and income (if relevant) to bituach leumi is by setting up your online portal. Here is the link to do so.

You can also send and receive messages and applications for stipends through the portal.



Non-citizens (i.e. those on student or working visas) can also pay into bituach leumi and get certain benefits like maternity leave and Kitzvat Yeladim (the stipend for each child).


Feel free to contact Hudi if you need any help with this process!

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