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No matter what stage of life you may be at, budgeting is a very important skill to have. No one ever wants to go into debt and everyone wants to be able to manage their money and know where it’s going. Here are some useful tools to help you budget while living in Israel be it short-
term or long-term:

Transaction Tracking

Budgeting Spreadsheet


Budgeting Basics Series for the Anglo Young Couple and Family

Topics that will be Discussed: All about the Budget, How to Create a Budget, Income Enhancements, Streamlining Expenses, Tackling Debt, Short Term Savings, Food Shopping, Menu Planning, Payment Methods, Maintaining your Budget, Long Term
Savings, and more…
Part #1: Budgeting, all about it
Part #2: Bridging the gap
Part #3: Menu Planning and Food Shopping
Part #4: Payment Methods
Part #5: Short Term and Long Term Savings
Part #6: Conclusion

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