Business Development Consultant

Jan 12, 2021 | 0 comments

Business Development Consultant – work from home

I am growing my little consultancy business and looking to bring on another person to come work with me from mid February. The position I am looking to fill is Business Development Consultant for the US market for a European company.
I am looking for a very creative, out of the box thinker with great skills in networking. This is not the typical sales job, and although it is about inside sales, cold calling is not part of the everyday job description. You need to be goal oriented, work systematically, be very internet savvy, have loads of positive energy and be great at finding information.
Although having a relevant degree (business, marketing) or previous sales experience could be a small plus, I am foremost looking for a person willing to completely learn the ways of the business and the way I do things. So also newbies with the right attitude are welcome to apply.
You will be working remotely, 36-40 hours per week, and have a very flexible working schedule. You will, however, sometimes have to work evening hours when that is required. You need to be very structured and good at working independently. Very, very good written and spoken English is a must. You also need to have an asuk pator/ asuk murshe or be willing to open one as this is a freelance job (my accountant will be happy to assist with setting one up). It’s recommended to live in central Israel so meeting up once in a while won’t get to complicated.
If this sounds interesting, please send me a short introduction about yourself including a CV. For any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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