Top 5 Chanukah party activities for 2020

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Chanukah is around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! Every Ma’afe Neeman and Nechama’s is overflowing with delectable looking doughnuts. Grocery stores are having 4 for 1 sales on chocolate coins, and the cold rainy season is in full fledge, waiting to be lit up by the Menorah lights. Whether your plans are to be cozy at home with your immediate family, or elaborately planned Chanukah parties with
cousins and friends, here are some great ideas for some upcoming Holiday fun. Enjoy these home activities for a wholesome and wonderful time!

1. Create a family video. There are so many wonderful things about living in Eretz Yisrael. Chanukah time especially, you feel it in the air; with every shop and home getting ready, menorahs going up all over the city, and a huge plus, no non-Jewish holiday items in sight! While this aspect is truly amazing, it can also be hard at times, especially when you’re not with family for Yom Tov. Try connecting with family all over the world by watching the same video with familiar faces. Before Chanukah send out a request for a video from each family member, with a question or guideline: Try family trivia, or favorite cousin memory. Let everyone have a good laugh and a great time connecting to family across the globe. Ask the tech-pro in the family to put it together, or hire someone to make it professional. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

2. Donut Decorating! We all know a good Chanukah party isn’t complete without good food. We wait for the classic sufganiot all year, along with Chanukah cookies or even some good cake. Turn your dessert into a fun activity by letting your guests decorate it themselves with frosting, sprinkles, cookies crumbs and chocolate coins! Either make it yourself, or ask your local bakery or home businesses for your
doughnuts and toppings separately. Try turning it into a contest, for the funniest, prettiest, or yummiest dessert. For an additional fun twist, split your group into teams. Show them a pre-decorated cake for a number of minutes, and then take it away, for them to copy by memory. Whoever comes out with the closest match wins! With whatever option you choose, you’ll end up with a creative game, and a
delicious dessert! Bitei’Avon!

3. Paint night! Another great, bonding activity is painting! Crafts are great for all ages, and could be more slow paced and relaxing. You can hire an instructor to come to your house with all the supplies, to teach everyone a pre-determined painting of choice. The instructor brings everything you need to set up, and can help each person individually. There are paint instructors in almost every neighborhood in Jerusalem. You can also order paint kits from many local home businesses for a DIY experience. Paint kits are delivered to your door with all the paint, brushes, and supplies necessary, including step by step picture instructions to follow along. Alternatively you can just order the supplies yourself, and get your creative juices flowing!

4. Dreidel….with a twist. We all love a good old fashioned game of dreidel, sitting around in a cozy circle, only complete with the Chanukah gelt. Dreidels in Israel can be picked up wherever you go – groceries, shekel stores, Judaica, you name it. Now try spicing up this traditional game with a few funky rules! Gimmel = get everything, Hay = half, Pey = pay ….and Nun = nothing? Try replacing Nun with a challenge! Every time a player lands on Nun, they have to pick a dare from a bowl! Dance around the room, sing a Chanukah song, taste a suspicious concoction or the like! Complete this game with a plethora of shekel store prizes and it will be a Chanukah party to remember!

5. Kahoots. There are many online escape rooms or fun games to choose from. Kahoots is a game of questions that you come up with, which your guests answer from their smart phones. This game can be projected on the wall, or placed on a laptop in the front of the room. Stick with Chanukah trivia, or maybe ask questions about the craziest thing each player has done. It’s an awesome connecting activity that can be played each person for themselves or in group teams. So dim the lights, and get involved. We hope you find something you enjoy on this list of Chanukah activities to lighten up your Chanukah party. Check out our website for more information on Chanukah in Israel.


Have a happy and Lichtege Chanukah!

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