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CPS, a company providing extended warranties for electronics/appliances – – located in Brooklyn, NY is expanding its remote department to include additional call center Customer Service representatives.

• What are the hours for this position? Hours are Monday through Thursday from 9 am-6 pm EST (4 pm-1 am Jerusalem time). Staff members have the option to work Friday as well.
• Are there any part-time positions available? Unfortunately no. We are only looking for representatives that can work the full 9 am-6 pm EST time schedule (with break time)
• What kind of calls will I receive? Customers call CPS to register warranties, file claims on warranties, and get status on their existing claims
• How will I receive calls? CPS provides our staff members with a VOIP phone so that you can receive calls directly from your computer
• Will I receive training? CPS provides our new staff members with a paid training seminar to get them accustomed to our system and processes
• What type of hardware will I need? Laptop/desktop computer, webcam for video conferencing, professional headset to receive calls (unfortunately our software does not work on Chromebooks that do not have full Windows installed)
• Can I work from home? Definitely. Remote staff members must have a quiet area to receive and place calls + a strong internet connection
• How will I be paid? CPS provides an hourly salary in USD. We can process staff member’s salary directly to any US bank via direct deposit, or internationally via PayPal
• Are there any other remote representatives that work from Israel? Absolutely! Our team is currently 5 staff members strong – we are excited to add to it

If you’re interested in a position, shoot an email with your resume/cover letter to Please indicate that you are applying for the Remote Inbound Customer Service position within the subject line – and confirm the days/hours you are available. Thanks!

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