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We’ve got adventure day trips in Israel, ranging from chocolate factories to zoos to ceramics shops and more. Adventure day trips are most suitable for families, providing you with exciting experiences to share with the whole clan, but can of course be enjoyed solo or as a couple as well. Below we provide you with some of the most
popular and enjoyable adventures around Israel, so that no day is a dull day when you’re in the mood to get out of the house and take on something new.

Biblical Zoo
The Biblical Zoo, formally The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens, is one of Jerusalem’s most popular and marvelous attractions. The zoo is a great activity for children and families of all ages, and the rarity of zoos in Israel makes the Biblical Zoo all the more special. Its grounds are vast, its selection of animals wide, and it hosts exciting events, such as juggling and various workshops, during school vacations throughout the year. The entrance fee for a regular day pass is 46NIS for children aged 3-18, 59NIS for adults, or 37/47NIS for children/adults in a group. Annual membership is also available for the wildlife enthusiasts, at 300NIS for an adult, 220NIS for children, police, soldiers, and senior citizens, and 230NIS for students (as well as a number of more packages for couples, couples with children, etc.) The zoo is located in Malcha, at Derech Aharon Shulov 1, and easily accessible via Waze or google maps. Simply input the address and it will bring you to a parking lot, from where you can go on to purchase tickets and begin your adventure.
More information:
To purchase tickets online:
Contact number: 02-6750111

Israel Aquarium
The Gottesman Family Israel Aquarium, located right next door to the Biblical Zoo on Derech Aharon Shulov, is the first aquarium in Israel, already making it a unique and rare experience to have in Israel. The aquarium is a great activity for all ages, the young and the old alike. There is air conditioning and comfortable walking surfaces, seats in every gallery, and gorgeous fish, plants, and other sea life, providing not only an exciting trip but a physically pleasant getaway for the elderly and for mothers with infants. The aquarium is also located indoors, making it an apt substitute for the zoo on rainy days.
More information:
To purchase tickets:
Contact number: 073-3399000

Eretz Breishit (Genesis Land)
Genesis Land, situated in the Judean desert, on the way to the Dead Sea, is where the Patriarchs lived, making it exciting already. At Genesis Land, visitors get to take part in a hands-on simulation that aims to replicate what life was like in biblical times. When visitors arrive at Genesis Land, they are greeted by Eliezer, Avraham’s servant, are dressed in a turban and a tunic, and are accompanied by a herd of camels that lead them down to Avraham’s tent. Once in the tent, visitors hear Avraham’s story and drink and eat in his tent. A variety of activities are available for visitors in the tent. Some activities include fresh pita baking, which is available for families with children of all ages; shepherding, available for families with children over the age of 10; pottery making, available for children of all ages; mosaics, available for children of all ages; and ancient Hebrew writing, available for families with children over 8 years old. A highlight of
the visit for many visitors is camel riding, which is available for all visitors over the age of 4 and is a highly recommended part of the experience. It is also possible to camp with a group at Genesis Land; for more information on camping, see
Address: Yishuv Alon 90618
More information:
Contact number: 02-9974477

Mini Israel
Mini Israel, located in Latrun in the Ayalon Valley, is a wonderful attraction for families of all ages. This exciting attraction is exactly what it sounds like — a mini Israel. It contains over 385 beautifully and carefully crafted replica models of Israel’s most important archaeological,
historical, religious, and other sites, allowing visitors to experience the entire country in just one day! There is a small explanation for every site, providing visitors with the ability to learn more about Israel while simultaneously taking in the magnificent creation. The park is surrounded by rich greenery, providing a beautiful context in which one can take in the sites.
Address: Latrun Junction, Kibbutz Nachshon
More information:
To purchase tickets:,164117
Contact number: 1700-559-559

Ceramics – Kad VaChomer
Kad VaChomer, a ceramics workshop located in Jerusalem, is a fun activity for families with
children, for couples, or even for singles. It is a paint-your-own ceramic studio located in the
garden of the Beit Yehudit Community Center on Emek Refaim, in the German Colony. One
selects a piece to paint from the dozens of sculptures that are available, including mugs and
bowels alongside religious items like mezuzot and hamsas, and paints the items in whatever
colors and styles one wants. The pieces are ready to be picked up 10 days from the painting
Address: Emek Refaim 12
Phone number: 02-545-8113

De Karina Chocolate Factory
A chocolate factory is a delicious and enjoyable experience for people of all ages, but especially
for families with children. De Karina is a family-owned chocolatier with delicious and gourmet
chocolate. The chocolate-making experience begins with a tour which includes a movie about the making of chocolate and the history of the factory. There is a quick demonstration of
chocolate tempering, followed by the opportunity to make a variety of flavors of chocolates
(white, milk, dark) in a variety of different molds, with even a variety of different mix-ins (nuts,
candy, etc.). There is also an option for chocolate-tasting of chocolate made in-house, which is
difficult to pass up at this delicious chocolate factory.
Address: Kibbutz Ein Zivan, 1242600
Phone number: 04-699-3622

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