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Many times there are small stresses and scares that have to be dealt with on a daily basis – from moldy washing machines to cuts and burns, this is part of daily life. The difference in Israel is that we learn that there are creative and healthy ways of dealing with these events. Here are a few daily stresses that come up and how to combat them with organic and cheap ways:
1. After having a washing machine for a few years, it’s very normal for it to start to smell. Unfortunately, this means your clothes could be smelling like your moldy washing machine. A very simple way to rid your washing machine of this mold is with vinegar. Run one warm cycle after placing vinegar in the liquid detergent compartment of your washing machine. After running that cycle, I like to run a quick cycle with softener just to make sure that there is no vinegar residue. It really works and your cloths will come out smelling clean and fresh once again!
2. Fruit flies are really annoying and unfortunately can sometimes be a constant companion in the kitchen. But do not worry, there are a few simple ways of getting rid of the pests. A quick fix is to a bowl about one-third of the way with apple-cider vinegar and add in a Tablespoon of dish soap. Cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap and then poke holes with a tooth-pick. Leave it out for a few day and the fruit flies will be safely inside your home-made trap. You can also do this with any rotting fruit (if you are
brave enough). Unfortunately, this does not resolve the root of the problem. So if the reason why you have flies is because you just bought some old fruit, this will due the trick. Yet, this is not always the case. If you still are having fruit-fly issues, see if there are any moisture issues near your sink, such as a leaky pipe or something old and rotting. After getting rid of those problems its best to pour down some baking-soda, salt and boiling water down the drain and let it set there overnight. Fruit flies usually lay their eggs in the drain so this will kill them. Also make sure to always clean your dishes right away (or at least let them sit in water) and don’t leave food out uncovered. This should get rid of the unwanted guests.
3.There are times that we worry about our kids’ (and our own) digestion. After seeing that your child did not have a dirty diaper giving him or her prunes really helps out. . You can give prunes to a child who is as young as five months. For yourself as well, you can buy prune juice at any local grocery store and the results are pretty quick coming. If you wake up with a bad stomach ache, beside for prunes, immersing in hot water or using a hot compresses helps soothes the digestive system. Muscles that are tight and contracted cannot always do their job, so by applying heat, the muscles are able to loosen up. Another way to deal with a bad stomachache is with chamomile tea and ginger (such as ginger tea or ginger ale). Chamomile relaxes the body which again helps with the contracted muscles. Ginger is a natural alkaline and anti-inflammatory which can help or stomach aches that are due to a high intake of acid. This eases the irritation caused by the acidic foods. If you find these remedies help, try avoiding foods that contain acid, such as tomatoes,
hot peppers and green apples.

3.When cooking in the kitchen, sometimes the oil sputters and you get caught in a scary rain of hot oil and
sometimes get burned. A quick and extremely effective way dealing with burns is immediately applying honey (the purer the better) and then wrapping the applied area with plastic wrap. Honey naturally prevents bacteria growth from unwanted bacteria and therefore prevents pus and bad infections. If you do it immediately, you won’t have blisters and will not even be left with any scarring (this should only be used for first and second degree burns). The same applies for minor cuts. If the cut does not require stitches, this is a grate way to avoid infection. Aloe vera works in a similar fashion and is a great way to deal with burns and minor cuts, but many times honey is more readily available. Additionally, to avoid oil popping off your pans, make sure to wipe it down of all water before putting on oil. Oil is hydrophobic (literally scared of water). When you start to heat up oil that is mixed with water the water starts to boil before the oil causing the water to rise and bubble up and then eventually burst, which causes the oil to fly off of it and land on unwanted surfaces.

All these methods are tried and true. Hatzlacha with your day to day stresses and dealing with them in a
healthy way!

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