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Jan 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Are you a highly-skilled editor who also enjoys online research? Are you also a problem solver and quick to learn new skills?
BVH Consulting, Ltd is growing and we have openings for full-time work from home editors (with experience working from home). The job entails reviewing and editing summaries of funding opportunities for nonprofits. Minimum of seven hours daily. Requires paid online training period of two to three weeks (from home).

Required skills:

  • Extraordinary attention to detail
  • Excellent editing and writing skills
  • Excellent reading comprehension
  • High-level English vocabulary and grammar
  • Proficiency at online research
  • Must have a working computer and high-speed internet connection

Email a formal cover letter and resume to jobs.bvh@gmail.com with the subject line “Work from Home – Editor 2021.”
Applications received via Facebook or third party job boards will not be considered. This work is highly specialized and only suitable candidates will be contacted directly.
Applicants that successfully complete an at-home online skills test will proceed to the virtual interview.

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