Job Ideas

The first category of jobs we would call less “professional” as there is less qualification, just that you should know what you’re doing and how to do it. However, you should not take these jobs lightly as many of them bring in nice amounts of money. Examples of these jobs are running a gan (ganenet), selling some food products be it baked goods in a Yeshiva or Shabbos meals for tourists visiting throughout the year, wigs, chuggim (after school activities painting, gymnastics, etc.). Some of these jobs bring in consistent reliable incomes such as running a gan or a chug, while others depend on how much effort and hustle you are willing to put in, but still having the possibility of not making a dime (shekel).

I will provide for you a break down for how these jobs can make money. Take for example a ganenet. They charge between 600 and 700 Shekels a month and run a gan in their house from anywhere between 8:30 and 1:30. If you take anywhere between 8 to 12 kids in your gan, you can pull in between 4,800 NIS (8 kids charging 600 NIS-lower end) and 8,400 (12 kids charging 700 NIS-higher end). Keep in mind you’ll be making a drop less than that after paying for supplies and an assistant (be it part-time or full time). An additional benefit is that it’s only half a day.

The other category of jobs that wives do in Israel is more “professional” as they may require some type of qualification. These jobs could be done from homes, such as working for a company in America online doing bookkeeping or VIPKID, to going to an office on Har Hotzvim and being an accountant at an American firm with a branch in Israel or a nurse in Terem. In addition, you can be a secretary in an office or teach in a seminary. These jobs usually have a steady consistent income that can be relied on. Freelancing jobs are also available such as graphic designers and website developers.  These jobs are usually on the books in which case you have to figure out taxes and how to legally be working here. These jobs on average usually pay anywhere between $10 and $25 an hour (estimation). If your job is pulling in more than that, you’re doing great for a job in Israel.

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