Electrolysis in Israel

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Electrolysis is becoming more and more popular in Israel for permanent hair removal. It is the go-to option when looking for hair removal for one’s face. Although laser hair removal is a fast and easy approach yielding results from the first session. Electrolysis is a process that takes more patience. Many laser hair removal places will tell their clients that a laser is a great option for hair removal on faces. Unfortunately, this is not the case. When someone does laser on their face, they end up growing more hair than they started with. Many times, the laser salons will say that it is just hormones and that it will fall out on its own, or that they should do more sessions. This just makes their hair growth get worse. That is when they go to do electrolysis.

Electrolysis is the oldest method of permanent hair removal. It has been around since the 1800s. Electrolysis is safe for pregnant and nursing women and is a great option for small areas of hair removal. When choosing who to go to for electrolysis, one should take many things into account. Cleanliness and sterility are unfortunately not a given in Israel. There and electrologists that will reuse the probes and simply wipe them down with alcohol. This is illegal and extremely unsanitary. Other questions to ask an electrologist, are does she use gloves, a mask, and does she have a roll of “al bod” covering her bed that she changes between clients.

Something else to look into when deciding which electrologist to use is what machine do they use. The older electrolysis machines are a fraction of the price of the newer machines, and therefore many people in Israel have them. The older machines, while working just as well as the newer machines in terms of efficiency, tend to be a lot more painful. The newest top-of-the-line machine is the Apilus XCELL. The new machines market themselves as virtually pain-free but most people say it slightly hurts. This also depends on what area of the face one is looking to have done.

In Israel, Emla is the numbing cream that is used for people who do not want to feel even the most minimal discomfort. Emla is given by prescription only by a general doctor. Emla works best if put on 20-30 minutes before one’s appointment. To make sure that it works best, Emla must be put on with plastic wrap on top of it. This will help it also not get rubbed off while one is waiting for their appointment.

There are no regulations when it comes to being an electrologist. Some have been taught by their mothers and others have gone to electrolysis schools. Those who have gone to school, have learned the makeup of different people’s skin and being able to know how to help them best. They also have taken a test at the end to make sure they know what they are doing. Going to someone who learned in an electrolysis school is a better option. One does not want to take risks with their faces by using someone who is not really qualified.

One thing to note is that electrolysis can sometimes cause small scarring on the face, especially for someone who has overly sensitive skin. The scaring goes away fast, especially with vitamin E gel capsules that many electrologists provide for their clients. Vitamin E can also be picked up at any pharmacy.

For someone who is frustrated that waxing makes their hair grow back coarser, they will see opposite results with electrolysis. After each electrolysis session, the hair grows back weaker and weaker until it totally stops growing. Tweezing and waxing on the face, makes the hair grow back more and more coarse. Electrolysis is the best and only FDA-approved permanent hair removal option. It takes time and patience, but the results are well worth the wait.

Gila Willick is a certified electrologist who has a salon in Maalot Dafna. She offers competitive pricing and a clean and sterile salon environment. Appointments can be booked by calling 0586582023 or by Whatsapp 9734613792.


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