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One of the benefits of Israel’s location is its close proximity to Europe. European vacation getaways are just a hop skip and a jump away. There is a destination waiting for you at any budget. We are going to start with Prague.

Although not filled with clear water beaches and white sand, Prague is nonetheless a great vacation destination with great sites to see and plenty of Kosher food. There are many ways to create and experience the best vacation in Prague. We will provide you with what we did and the contacts we used for a great trip. This trip was done without children in 2015. Just keep in mind that things do change with time so if you find something outdated here, please let us know.

How to Get There

Obviously you get there by plane, but what’s nice about Prague is its closeness and available direct flights. The price varies but you can usually get within the 200 to 300 dollar range. As mentioned in the credit card page, points are definitely a way to go. We personally flew on UP which is El Al’s low-cost carrier. It is not luxurious at all but it did the job. There are a number of low-cost carriers that fly directly from Tel Aviv. Just because they are cheap and charge you for every little thing does not mean they aren’t safe. Be aware of the fees that exist for luggage and carry-ons. To avoid paying so much, pack light. The flight was around four hours each way. When you land, your next move is to get to where you are staying. It’s usually no fun to walk around with all your bags. Usually, these European cities have a solid public transportation system. However, from experience, we recommend Prague Airport Transfers. They were not too expensive and it was exciting to meet a person at arrivals holding a sign with your name on it. They assist you with your bags and get you where you need to go in a timely comfortable fashion. We used this service to and from the airport.  We would not recommend renting a car for your trip. The main attractions and eateries are all within walking distance and the Prague streets are not conducive for driving.

Where to Stay

Searching for a place to stay could get overwhelming. The options are just endless.  Again, using points is highly recommended. We stayed at a hotel called Moods Boutique Hotel. It was not too expensive and was very nice, clean, and great staff. Like all European rooms, it wasn’t very big, especially because it was a boutique hotel. But while traveling, you don’t want to spend too much time in your room anyways. We don’t recommend it just because of its distance to the main attractions and restaurants. Post-trip, we would recommend either staying at the Hotel King David because of the Kosher breakfast that it comes with. However, location-wise, it’s not the best. The hotel we recommend the most is what used to be the Intercontinental Prague, but in 2018 became the Golden Prague Hotel. This hotel is one of the nicest in the city and it has the best location. It’s literally just minutes from all the main attractions you want to see and all the eateries you want to eat in. It is located in Prague 1, which contains the Jewish quarter.
If these Hotels are out of your budget, there are loads more for all types of budgets. I would just recommend making sure it is located in Prague 1 as that is where all the Jewish attractions are.

Where to Eat

There are a few good places to eat while in Prague. Here is a list of restaurants. Please note that Live Your Best Israel Life is not to be relied on for Kashrus as things tend to change.

1.  Shelanu Pizzeria

2. The Chabad Grill

3. King Solomon

4. Jewish Quarter Information and Reservations Center (Cafe)

Things to do

The following information is what we did. We spent three days in Prague and we felt it was more than enough time to see the sites. Also, in order to get the full experience, we hired a private tour guide which was obviously more expensive than self-guided but well worthit. The price for the tours included entrance fees to the various sites.

Day 1

Jewish Prague Tour–


Day 2

Theresiensadt Tour –


Day 3

Prague Castle (no tour) –

Charles Bridge –

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