Gan Ends at 1:30, now what?

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What is Mishpachton?

For many mother’s private gan is a great option. Usually beginning at 8:30 and ending at 1:30, its just the right amount of time to run a few errands and (hopefully) have the house ready for the hungry crew that is ready for a great lunch. But what happens if you need more time? For some, the day begins at 7:00 a.m. and ends at 3:30 or 4:00. And what about those times that your gan isn’t running the entire month of Nissan, but you still have to go to work? There are options, such as afternoon babysitting or hiring a high-school girl to come to your house, but these options can be very costly, often eating away at much of whatever money was made during those hours.

That’s why Israel offers the working mother a super affordable option – mishpachton. These family style babysitting groups are subsidized by the government making it cheaper (in some cases) than sending to private gannim. Mishpachton begins at 7:00 am and pick-up is at 4:20. The best part is, the longer hours you work, the better the subsidy. Not only that, but only mishpachtonim provide food and cribs, all included in the tuition. This way, when dropping off your child, the only thing you need to do is bring him or her – everything else is provided.

Mishpachton runs on a separate schedule from the regular Bais Yaakov schedule, so during Nissan, there is mishpachton the entire time except 1 day before Pesach. And yes, even if you are on a student visa you are entitled to all these benefits.

So how can you sign your child up?

You need to call the mishpachton’s rakezet that you are interested in registering your child. You can get a list from here for the ones in the bais Yaakov system, specifically located in Yerushalyim.If you have a t.z. you can navigate this site pretty easily and sign up online.
After you find out that there is room for you child, you will need to go down to their office located on בליליוס 6 קומה 1 , to pay a small registration fee.

Once you have been signed up you can begin the process to receive a “darga” (discount). If you and your child have a t.z. than you can apply for the discount by using this site. If not, do the following;
You will need to be in touch with the municipality directly. Call *2969 on your cellphone – ask to be forwarded to Ilana (she is the only person who knows how to deal with passports and student visas). It will take a few tries before reaching her, and you may need to explain to multiple people that you do not have a t.z., but eventually you will get through to her or, more likely, you will be called back (Make sure to answer your phone when a strange area code comes up, because it might be Ilana).You will then be faxed a questionnaire that you will have to fill out in addition to a few other documents found on the municipality’s website. When speaking to Ilana, she will explain exactly which forms will need to be filled out depending on your specific circumstance. Afterwards, you will fax everything back to the number
that Ilana will provide. Make sure to call back in about a month to ensure your case was opened. From the time your case is officially opened, you should be informed that you received the darga. You may have to lay out the entire cost of the month’s tuition before receiving the darga, but you will get payed back retroactively.
The money goes through your mitaplet, and you can arrange with her how you would like to have the money returned to you.


In addition to mishpachton, there is also Maon, which deals with the same age group, but can be more challenging to get into. The process is the same except there is no rakezet – you sign up with the menahelet, but all this information is found on the same sites posted above.

Hatzlacha and I hope this makes your year a little less stressful and a little more profitable.

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