All About Renting

There are a few different scenarios you can find yourself in after you sign on your apartment contract. Either it’s a fully furnished apartment, not furnished at all, or it has a furniture package. You may not know what these things mean and how to go about dealing with each of these situations.

We have provided you with information that should help when you find yourself in these situations. 


Another scenario you might find yourself in is signing on a furnished apartment. That usually means that it comes with all the large furniture and large household appliances. Large furniture includes but is not limited to beds, closets, a couch, bookshelves, and a dining room table set. Large household appliances consist of washer/dryer, refrigerator, and oven. But you still need to get small kitchen appliances and everything else to make your home functional. The best place to get almost everything like that is Imperiat Hachesed located at Petach Tikva St 16. There you can find small appliances such as a toaster oven and Bosch mixer, and also silverware and dishes. It is reasonably priced so you shouldn’t feel like they are taking advantage of the uninformed Americans.

There few other stores to know when settling in. There is a chain of hardware stores called Tambor which has many little household things that you may need when starting up, and throughout your stay in Israel. You probably won’t be able to find a store with better prices than Tambor. There is one located at the corner of Shmuel Hanavi and Bar Ilan (next to Eli’s). Another store that is convenient for its location and for its inventory is Olam Habayit. It’s located in the heart of Ramat Eshkol on Paran Street. It has the most home goods that you will need but it’s quite expensive. For the occasional item I would recommend it, but not for a full stock up.


If the baal dirah (owner) tells you to furnish the apartment, don’t freak out. It may seem overwhelming and expensive, but it does have its perks. The main benefit is that you get to choose what you want, you are the first person using it, and you can either sell it to the baal dirah when you move or sell it to the next tenant as a furniture package. You can do it expensive or cheap. The cheapest way to do it is probably to go to Ikea in Rishon Letziyon and load up on furniture and large household appliances (washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, etc.). The more expensive (and better quality) way to do it would be to choose furniture, aronot (closets), and large household appliances from various stores in Jerusalem. Some good stores for furniture are Rehitei Outlet located on Yirmiyahu Street 58 and Merkaz Hasapot on Shmuel Hanavi Street.

Furniture is one thing, but when it comes to large household appliances, that is a different story. Good quality appliances are of importance, as that is the essence of a home. Therefore, we recommend Appliance Direct as the number one stop for Major Appliances, and Air Conditioning Systems. They have been serving their clients for two decades and will assist you throughout the process of purchasing and installation. Their expertise, dedicated service, and great prices are what every customer will experience throughout. They carry a large variety of brands to suit every budget. When being in a foreign country, issues may arise that you don’t fully know how to solve on your own. With Appliance Direct’s friendly and courteous service, they will tend to any issue that may come up. This enables your transition to your new home, and new country to be much smoother!   

Furniture Package

You signed on your apartment and everything seems perfect and then you get slammed with a bill for $5,000 for the previous tenant’s furniture package. You are not quite sure if you’re are getting a good deal or are getting ripped off; most of the time we feel like we are getting ripped off. This is one scenario a person could find themselves in. In such a case, unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it – that’s just the way the system goes. The only comfort, in this case, is that you have everything set up for you and that you will be able to resell it to the next tenant and get some of your money back. But even with a furniture package, you still may need to buy small appliances such as a toaster oven, mixer, etc. that are not included in your furniture package. 

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