How to survive bidud (quarantine)

There is a good chance that you or your family may have to go into bidud at one point. While we all dread getting that phone call being prepared and organized can make it a lot easier.

  • Have some staples in the house. You can easily order food and groceries but it’s a good idea to have some food and staples in the house just in case. No need to go crazy- just have an extra bag of flour, sugar, milk (and chocolate!) in the house.
  • Make a bidud box. Both adults and children enjoy having something special to look forwards to. I have a few things in my “bidud box” that we take out when we need to be in bidud. This can be a new game, project, or book that is set aside for bidud to make it a little more exciting. Kids will be happy with a new game and couples can get a new puzzle or paint set to do together. Buy yourself a little something exciting to put away- that way when you get the phone call you have something to look forward to as well. A lot of handling bidud well is the emotional aspect. If you are prepared and calm the time will go by easier and quicker.
  • Speak to friends and family and make them your go-to bidud person. If you need to have something picked up or have an errand to run, then you have someone who can help. If either of you are in bidud you will help the other.
  • Write down information about stores that deliver, restaurants that deliver, and other services you may need. Having this information beforehand can help you. is a great resource if you need help getting food or medication.
  • Be determined to make it count. While being stuck at home with just your spouse or your kids can be difficult it can also be a time of bonding and family togetherness. Make it a point to engage in activities that make it easier to grow together as a family.

 Below are some helpful resources for your convenience while you’re in “bidud”.


While in quarantine, you will need a way to get basic groceries without leaving your house. Click below to order online and have groceries delivered to your door. For restaurants and catering options, click Restaurants.

When ordering, be mindful of Hechsherim.


 Here is a list of restaurants in Jerusalem that deliver to your door! See below for catering options for weekday and Shabbos as well.

Disclaimer: Live Your BIL is not vouching for the kashrus of any of these places. Be in touch with your Rav to know if you eat there.  

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