IKEA Kitchen

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While living in Israel, Children’s toys being priced at reasonable costs is a rarity. Especially American brands such as Fisher-Price, Step 2, and Playmobil which need to be imported are quite expensive.

When our children became of age to buy a toy kitchen, we initially bought an Israeli brand toy kitchen but it was of poor quality. It tipped over and our children lost interest in it very quickly. To buy a high-quality brand and decent sized toy kitchen in the United States and have someone bring it was not practical due to its size. But then we were introduced to the Ikea toy kitchen and we never looked back. Its size, sturdiness, and durability have made this purchase well worth it. In stores, the regular price is 495 NIS but it does go on sale to 450 NIS.

To see this product on the Ikea website, click here. The closest branch is located near Beit Shemesh off Route 38 (see map below). Let us know how you enjoy this product so we can feature your review on Live Your BIL!

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