Jerusalem Photoshoot Locations

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A photoshoot in Israel is so very different than any other place in the world. The stones, the light, the warmth of the ‘Jerusalem glow’ set it apart from any other destination. There are so many jaw-dropping beautiful locations in Israel, that it is hard to pick just one for a photoshoot!


The most common location by far is Yemin Moshe. Yemin Moshe is an upscale and historical neighborhood in Jerusalem overlooking the Old City walls. Its narrow cobblestone streets and beautiful colored flowers exude European charm. Artists, wooden easels and all, are often seen painting both the quaint Yemin Moshe houses and the panoramic view of the old city. It is a beautiful neighborhood to simply walk around and admire, just be forewarned there will be quite a few photographers there!


The next location is definitely a classic- the Old City. The cobblestone streets and alleyways, the Jerusalem stone as far as the eye can see, it is a scene that has inspired so many Judaica paintings- and for good reason! It is timeless. It is classic. It is the old city of Jerusalem- there is no place on earth like it.


Another location with a very different vibe is Latrun. Latrun, located approximately 20 minutes from Jerusalem, is best known for its endless rows of almond blossom trees in the spring. The pretty pink and white flowers make a really beautiful background especially for families of many girls, Bas Mitzvahs, or anyone that likes pink.


Lastly, we cannot go without talking about the amazingly green locations in Jerusalem! Even in the dead of the winter, you can find rich greenery in almost any park. Olive trees are seemingly everywhere and have that distinct Israel look that we all love to see in our photos. The Jerusalem light mixed with luscious greenery is pure perfection!


Whether you are visiting Israel or happy to call it your home, be sure to choose a location for your family photoshoot that speaks to you. It’s all about capturing the beauty of your family in our beautiful land.


Shevi Friedman is a family and newborn photographer based in Jerusalem. She is passionate about capturing the love and connection of families and helping them have priceless tangible memories for generations. Feel free to check out her work on Instagram @shevifriedman_photograhy 


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