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A lot of people stock up on all their favorite makeup products before coming to Israel.  They want to make sure they always have the products that they love and not have to deal with running around Israel to find a place that sells their products. Especially here when the makeup brands are different and the words are all in Hebrew so you’re not sure what exactly you’re using, and what it’s made from, and if it’s
waterproof. I’ve also found the language barrier to be a challenge when looking for a certain product. Most of the people in the pharmacy mainly speak Hebrew so it can hard to explain to them exactly what you’re looking for. Stocking up before coming here is a good way to get you started but eventually, you’re going to run out and need to buy more. There are a few ways to make your makeup shopping in
Israel a bit easier:

Firstly, it’s helpful to know that most high-end makeup products have alternatives that are just as good. There’s a website called where you put in your product and shade and it gives you a whole list of other products and their shades that would be a good alternative. For example, I’m used to a Clinique foundation in the shade Ivory so I put it the brand and shade and Revlon Colorstay shade 180 came up and that’s what I use now. This website works for foundation, concealers, powders, and other face products. So if you’re stuck on that one too faced or Nars products, just know that there are alternatives in Israel that are just as good.

If you’re open to trying the Israeli brands, I’ve found that Ga-de and Careline are good affordable brands. It’s also helpful to know that Superpharm has some of the regular American brands like L’Oréal, Revlon, and Maybelline. I also really like NYX and Elf products but haven’t found that here so instead I’ll buy Essence or Milucca which are cheaper brands with good products.

In terms of shopping for long-lasting or Shabbos makeup, here’s a tip. Your regular makeup can be just as good. People ask me a lot about how I get my makeup to stay on all Shabbos. After trying so many different products and different routines to make my makeup stay on, I’ve finally found a method that works and doesn’t require anything you’ll have to buy overseas. Firstly, use a face primer and eye shadow primer. Face makeup rarely stays on all Shabbos for me. It looks good Friday night but not much is left by Shabbos day. But here’s the trick, if your eye makeup stays on then people will barely notice that you don’t have face makeup on. I put on my eye shadow primer (or even a concealer) and then I set it with a light powder. Then, I apply my eye shadow. Then I do my top eyeliner (I use a gel pencil for that and a liquid for the wing- both waterproof). Next, I reapply my eye shadow, so that’s layer number two. And then reapply liner. So that’s two coats of shadow and two coats of liner. And I make sure the shadow is blended ( it shouldn’t look caked on). I finish it off with waterproof mascara- enough so they look full and long but not clumpy.

If you’re set on using your long- lasting products, some in-home businesses sell those long-lasting products like Faigy Cosmetics and Cosmetic Connection. When I first moved to Israel I would schlep out all around town to try to find my everyday makeup products. I was working full time and doing college at night and my free time was very limited. I missed just doing a quick run to Rite-Aid or CVS for my everyday makeup. I missed being able to walk into a pharmacy and know exactly where to go and which products to buy. After a year of living here, I opened my own makeup business selling American Drugstore products. I have in stock varieties or L’oreal, Covergirl, Maybelline, Revlon, Almay, and Milani, and I’m always adding more to my collection. The business has become a convenience for Americans in and near my neighborhood who want to stock up on their everyday makeup.

So if you’re ever in the Ramat Eshkol/ Sanhedria/ Maalot Dafna area, feel free to come to check out The Makeup Place!

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