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Wherever you are in the world, your health must be your priority. When it comes to health, Israel has a lot to offer, but it might seem hard to navigate. We have provided health-related information from health insurance to nutrition/personal training and therapy


When it comes to all aspects of a person’s health, therapy plays an important role. Below are different therapy services that can be useful for people settling in Israel.


Therapeutic Writing Workshop

Health Insurance

When arriving in Israel, getting Health Insurance should be a top priority.

In Israel, there are three major insurance companies, Clalit, Maccabi, and Meuchedet. Meuchedet is the standard Kupat Cholim used by the Americans (medical insurance) because they offer a plan for students. They have a standard plan and also a better plan called adif or C. These come with many benefits including covering 4 private appointments a year, reimbursement for doula’s and other birth-related bills, and dental insurance. It is highly recommended to get on C and to do so right away because some of the benefits only begin a few months after signing up. Mrs. Gitty Weinbaum is the American liaison for Meuchedet. She lives in Maalot Dafna, works in the Ramat Eshkol branch, speaks English, and is extremely helpful. You can reach her at 054-927-0945 or email

To sign up, walk into a Meuchedet office with your passport. Most offices will allow you to sign up.

My personal recommendation is to sign up in the Meuchedet office in Sanhedria Murchevet on Hashalom V’Hachdus street. They speak English and are very helpful. If you are learning in the Mir, the Meuchedet office in Beis Yisrael is also very helpful and you can sign up there.

Click here for a link to Chaim V’Chessed which provides in detail what you need to apply for health insurance. 

Nutrition / Personal Training

As we embark on the journey of life, our lives seem to go full speed ahead while our metabolisms seem to slow down. While living in Israel and putting your spiritual health in the spotlight, it is important to remember your physical health as well. Below you can find wonderful services that will help you take care of your health so you can Live Your Best Israel Life!

Fitness with Adina! Let’s work out together! Get into shape! See results! Feel great!  Please contact: Adina Rubin- NSCA certified personal trainer: or 0583231222  

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