One of the first things you must take care of when you arrive is a phone. There are many different plans and options available and it can be overwhelming. I have provided some relevant information regarding sim card rentals that will make the process simpler for you.

Short Term

When your parents or in-laws are planning a trip to visit you, one of the many preparations that need to be taken care of is a sim card. American companies, such as Verizon, do offer an international plan where you can pay $10 a day for service and data on your American number. But if your trip is for a decent amount of time (four days or more), it’s worthwhile to rent a sim card. Most smartphones are unlocked and are compatible with these sim cards. There are different plans depending on what your needs are. Many of these sim rentals will even send the sim card to your home in the US so you can pop it into your phone immediately upon arrival. I have personally used Nati Samet for my parents and siblings who have come to visit. After your first rental, you can hold on to your sim cards and just activate them for each trip. I highly recommend him for his amazing service.  Click here for his website.

Long Term

For those looking to settle here, a long term cell phone plan is needed. You have to decide if you want a kosher plan or not. A kosher sim card will not be compatible with a non-kosher phone in which case you would need to purchase a kosher phone. (Stores located throughout the Bar Ilan/Shmuel Hanavi area sell them.) If you are purchasing a non-kosher sim, then just make sure the phone you chose to use is unlocked. I can refer you to someone named Nati Samet who lives on Machal (Maalot Dafna area). I personally have had and continue to have an amazing experience with his service and expertise. He responds very quickly and is eager to help. Click here for his website.

Featured Phones

If you are not planning on using a Kosher phone, there are reliable 3G phones with texting and basic smartphones available. These “dumb” smartphones have limited functionality but are equipped with the applications that you want such as Whatsapp all for a fraction of the price of a smartphone.

Click below to check out our recommended phones and they can conveniently be purchased on Amazon. Some of these can be purchased in Israel but they are usually cheaper on Amazon. I personally have experience with some of these and know people that have had positive experiences with the others. Feel free to reach out with any questions about these products!

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