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Pregnancy Tests


They can be bought in most pharmacies. Additionally, they can be bought confidentially in the following apartments in the electric box for 5 shekel a piece:

  • Mishmar Hagvul 1/8 
  • Sderot Eshkol 12/5
  • Ramat Hagolan 9/12
  • Maalot Dafna 139/10
  • Sanhedria Murchevet 132/3 and 109/7.

You could also get them from Lev Nosson Tzvi Pregnancy Test Gemach. Below is a short list of apartments that have them. To get a full list you could e-mail them confidentially at or see their website either at or


Ramat Eshkol:

  • Yam Suf 1 – 1 and ½ flights up
  • Yam Suf 13A – 3 flights up
  • Maavar Hamitla 3A – 2 flights up
  • Mishmar Hagvul 10B – 1 ½ flights up
  • Sderot Eshkol 16 – 4th floor. 
  • Ramat Hagolan 44-1/2 a flight up

Sanhedria Murchevet:

  • San Mur. 126, 3rd floor up
  • San. Mur. 104B, top floor
  • San Mur. 101B, 1 ½ floor up
  • San. Mur.136A, 4th floor up.
  • Blau 6, 2nd floor up
  • HaSanhedrin 14, ½ floor down
  • Shaul Hamelech 57, ground floor on left

(These tests are extremely accurate and are the most widely used tests in the hospitals of the UK. The tests have a clinically tested 99.5% accuracy rate and are capable of  very early detection)


It is advisable to make an appointment as soon as you know you are pregnant because there is often a wait to get an appointment. However, generally, you do not need to go before the 12th week. When using a Meuchedet doctor, be informed that you can only use a maximum of 2 different OB’s per cycle (every three months.) For private appointments, find out if your American insurance would cover a visit here. Additionally, if you are on Meuchedet Adif or C, you get reimbursed for four private appointments per year (ask the doctor for a receipt.) We do not take responsibility for any of the doctors or labor coaches, it is merely a list of the OB/GYN’s commonly used and recommended by the English-speaking community.


  • Dr. Baruch (Male) 02-566-8888 (Private only, has appointments in Yerushalayim, delivers in Laniado Hospital, Netanya)
  • Dr. Plotkin (Male) 050-868-5467 (Private, Sharay Tzedek)
  • Dr. Yannai (Female) 02-567-0703 (Private, Hadassah Ein Kerem)
  • Dr. Schreiber – (Female) 02-653 6854. (Private, Bikur Cholim)
  • Dr. Pineles (Male) 02-624-8828/ 050-566-0031 (Accepts Meuchedet, Bikur Cholim)
  • Dr. Malkiel (Female) Make an appointment through Meuchedet. Hard to get an appt. and sets up all appointments for the full nine months.
  • Dr. Sella– (Male) 050-691-8455 (Private, Sharay Tzedek)

Labor Coaches

  • Joani Abelman: 050 584 8887 or 02 678 7102. 

  • Ita Schwartz: 052-716-7881

  • Gitty Marilis: 058-328-5144

  • Masha Fabian: 02-538-6725

  • Sara Grossman: 02 540 1497

  • Lisa Selig: 052 860-0368 (Childbirth Educator, Doula, Lactation Consultant)  

  • Rina Grant is a midwife in Bikur Cholim hospital. She gives birthing classes but is not a doula. 058-325-7394/02-582-0368


Hospital Registration

You will need to register in the hospital before you give birth. Some hospitals require you to go in person while others allow you to register by fax. You could also take a tour of the hospital if you choose. Below are the numbers to reserve a spot in the tour. It is recommended to ask your doctor, doula, and Rav before choosing where to deliver.

  • Bikur Cholim -02-646-4250
  • Hadassa Ein Kerem– 02-677-8844
  • Hadassa Har Tzofim– 02-584-4304
  • Shaarei Tzedek– 02-666-6255


Should the need arise, below is a list of organizations that can be helpful:

  • Bonei Olam 1-800-300-307
  • A Time 052-718-7188
  • Tahareinu 072-224-2424

It is advisable to speak to a Rav before calling.

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