Vacationing in Israel


When visiting Israel, there are various options available for where to stay. The price ranges vary and there is an option for each budget.

If you are the hotel type and want the best options with a personal touch, CASTLES is for you.

Castles has direct access to the most stunning hotels in Israel, all for unbelievably discounted prices. Castles exemplify in their efficiency and accuracy when booking a hotel for you.  As a result of Castles’ long time connection with all major hotels, Castles has personal contact with the managers of all hotels. Castles can therefore easily apply for special room requests and other individual requests. Furthermore, Castles has the ability to get the best prices for you, prices that would seem like a far off dream.

However, if you are interested in more budget-friendly accommodation with a home-like feel, vacation rentals are the way to go. Click here for our Apartment Listings page and you’ll be sure to find something for your trip.

Private Driver

If you’re not the type to rent a car in Israel because you still believe driving in Israel is more difficult than New York, then you’ll have to stick with public transportation, taxis, and private drivers as your means of transportation. When travelling with a group, a private driver can often be the most cost and time effective transport solution.

There is a driver named Yakov Dagan. He is a pleasure to work with, extremely dedicated, and I highly recommend him. His service comes with a spacious eight-seater van equipped with Wi-Fi, USB ports by every seat, DVD player, and a large trunk. He does airport runs, trips to Kevarim, or any destination you desire. His number is 054-949-1999.


When vacationing in Israel, food is always on everyone’s mind. During the week you will probably be eating your heart out at different restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and supper. But if you’re staying in a vacation rental, figuring out food for Shabbos and Yom Tov might be a little more complicated. There are takeout places such as Hadar Geula and Goldys, but it can get pretty pricey when ordering enough food for all the seudos.

The other solution is to hire a caterer who will provide you with custom-tailored meals for your unforgettable Shabbos or Yom Tov. Usually known as ‘home caterers’, this option can be perfect if you are here for Yom Tov, where you have many different seudos to think about and plan for.

One such caterer that can enhance your stay is Golden Gourmet Catering.

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