Long Term Rentals

If you would like to list an apartment, email us at dovidb@liveyourbil.com and we’ll post it within 12 hours at NO COST!

Long term

 The address is Midbar Sinai 37
The apartment overlooks Ramat Eshkol and Sanhedriya.
It is for a one year lease minimum, the deposit is 5000 shekel.
It is not a tama as it is at the top of a villa occupied by the landlord.  Very nice landlords who are easy to work with and a wonderful neighbor.
The stove/oven is 2 years old and fits the space very nicely.
 It is a convection oven as well.  I bought it brand new at around 1500 shekel and I am willing to sell it for 900 shekel if you are interested.   The apartment comes with a refrigerator, a table, and a closet in one of the bedrooms.

Contact info: 0586364602@tutanota.com


Long Term


3 room apartment in Rechavia

• 2nd floor with elevator
• 1.5 bathrooms
•80 m²
• unfurnished
•only 6500 shekel
• central ac • starting mid-July

Contact: +972535235114

Long Term Rental

Cozy yet spacious Rechavia/Talbieh apartment.

Great location, furnished quiet spacious 2-bedroom, 1 1/2 bath. Washer/dryer in utility mirpeset adjacent to Kosher kitchen with separate meat and dairy sink/counter space and cabinetry. Lounging mirpeset adjacent to the dining room. Available immediately for short-term or 1-year lease with option to renew.

Contact Joyce via WhatsApp: 646-912-2960 or Email rechaviarental07@gmail.com


Long Term

Location: Ramat Eshkol. Size: 75 m, 2 Bedrooms 1.5 Bathrooms 3rd floor no elevator. Porch. Rent: 5800 NIS. Unfurnished. If interested, contact 0535235114

Long Term

Location: Maalot Dafna. 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. Sukkah porch. Available starting After Pesach. Rent- 5000 NIS. Furniture package. Agent fee applies. If interested contact 053-523-5114

Long Term

Location: Paran 19. 4900 shekel. 2 Bedroom, 70 m, 4th floor no elevator. UNFURNISHED. Renovated. 2 year rent minimum. If interested contact 0535235114

Long Term

Location: Ramat Eshkol. 2nd floor, No elevator. 2 bedroom. 70 m Only 5800. NO TAMA. COMPLETELY UNFURNISHED. VERY WELL KEPT. Agent fee. If interested contact 0535235114

Long Term

Location: Sheshet Hayamim, Givat Hamivtar. 2 bedrooms Outdoor space 65 m. 4500 shekel. long term rental. Unfurnished Well kept Beautiful views Starting Feb 1st. Agent Fee. If interested, contact 0535235114

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