Meet the Team

Dovid Bogopulsky

Founder and CEO

Tamar Augenstein

Director of Social Media

Tamar went to Michlalah Jerusalem college and has her masters in digital marketing from Yeshiva university

Rachelli Berger

Website Manager

Guest Writers

Tzvi Broker

Career Consultant

Tzvi Broker is an Israel based Career Coach specializing in helping English speakers find employment through coaching & resume writing services.  Learn more about Tzvi at 

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Yitz Goldman

founder of Golden Gourmet Catering

Golden Gourmet, based in Jerusalem, offers catering services to all neighborhoods in and around Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh, and Modiin. To order go to

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Yael Weisner

Professional Organizer and Interior Designer

Yael Wiesner, author of “How Does SHE Manage?” works as a Professional Organizer and Interior Designer around Israel. Yael helps women design and manage their homes through her private appointments, online courses and training programs. She crafts beautiful rooms that will streamline your day, maximize your space, and increase efficiency, putting you at the center of the design. She can be reached at 053 310 7512 or

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Dena Peiser

Birthing Coach

Dena Peiser has been living in Israel for 18 years and privileged to give birth here in Israel to 6 out of her 8 children. She has been working in Reflexology and medical massage and specializes in prenatal care helping women with their pregnancy – regular discomforts, preparation for labor, and general boosting of energy and health. She accompanies women as a doula to help them work through the birth process with a variety of tools -aromatherapy, massage specific to labor, reflexology, labor positions, specific Shiatsu points -all which help labor to progress and helps the mommy feel relaxed and able to continue with energy and positivity. She can be reached at 054-535-4940 or

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