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Israel is one of the most splendid places to experience Chanukah. From delicious sufganiyot, to menorahs that line every window and street, to some of the most exciting and enjoyable activities around, there is no place better to celebrate the holiday of lights. In this article, I present you with some of the best activities to experience over Chanukah, to provide you with the best holiday experience possible.

Nature ‘n Nosh Israel Lantern Tour

Nature ‘n Nosh Israel Lantern Tour describes itself as “an atmospheric forest experience in the dark.” With this experience, you can deeply connect to the land of Israel by connecting to its natural life. It allows you to rediscover the origins of your food in the wild Israeli landscape, and to experience the plants and trees by tasting, smelling, and hearing their stories. It is run by Joanna Maissel, who can be contacted at or at 054-771-8322. The tour is corona-friendly. Each tour lasts two and a half hours, and costs 90 NIS per person. It is located in the Modi’in region. The tour requires a minimum of 6 people, making it suitable for groups of friends or large families, and is suitable for all ages. Along the tour, you can enjoy a lantern lit snack with the plants and foods that you have picked.

Saidel’s Donut Workshop

A collaboration between LoveLoveIsrael and Saidel Jewish Baking Center brings you Saidel’s Donut Workshop, the perfect Chanukah activity. This Zoom activity allows you to attend a doughnut-making workshop from your home and learn how to make everyone’s favorite Chanukah delicacy! The workshop ends with a competition for the best decorated donut, making this a fun activity for youngsters with a competitive side. The workshop is run by master baker Les Saidel, and runs for 90 minutes. There are four workshops, taking place on December 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th.
For more information and to sign up:

Little Compass Chanukah Box

The Chanukah Box, organized by Little Compass, comes with eight activities, one for each night of Chanukah, and each with a special Chanukah theme. This activity box is particularly suitable for families with children. It includes activities such as: a glow party, sevivon spin art, playdough chanukiot, shadow puppets, gifting, olive oil cookies, paint stamps, and tie dye pillowcases. The
box costs 169 NIS. To purchase a box, go to:

Graffiti Family Tour

Yael Aisenthal, who runs creative tours company, is running Chanukah Graffiti Family Tours. There are a number of different types of tours to choose from. The first is in Florentine, Tel Aviv, where you can interact through the wall art with games and spray on the walls yourself. This tour has an 8 person minimum requirement. There is also “GraffitiQuest,” a self-guided
tour/game that you can access using your smartphone. You can compete against others and learn more about the artists of the graffiti. Finally, you can take a Graffiti tour at the Dead Sea! This takes place next to Kalia beach, and allows you to spray on an old Jordanian army base and create mandalas. This tour has a 10 person minimum requirement.
For more information and to sign up:

Paint Night

Organized by LoveLoveIsrael, you can have your pick of two different Chanukah-themed paint nights. One is designed for all ages, while another is more suitable for adults, be it friends, couples, or even a single. The paint party takes place from your own home, and all you need is a canvas or thick paper, one big paintbrush, one small paintbrush, primary colors paint, and the
basics for painting (water, paper towels, mixing plate). A professional artist will then guide you along your creation of a beautiful Chanukah-related painting. The family paint night is on December 15th at 18:00, and the adult paint night is on December 16th at 20:00.
To RSVP for the family paint night:
To RSVP for adults paint night:

Comedy Show

Comedy for Koby is running a three-night virtual comedy show as a Chanukah special. Each night is a different lineup. The show is hosted by Avi Liberman, and takes place on December 13, 14, and 15, at 20:00.Tickers cost 80 NIS per show, or 118 NIS for all three shows. Comedians include Jessica Kirson, Bob Zany, Wayne Federman, Erin Jackson, Butch Bradley, Don McMillan, Tammy Pescatelli, Steve White, and Ron Pearson.
To purchase tickets:

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