Product Review-Nokia 8110 4G (Banana Phone)

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When living in Israel, many people are torn between getting a Kosher phone or having a smartphone. They understand they are at a time of growth and limiting distractions usually comes hand in hand with growth. But on the other hand, they feel they need certain necessities such as Whatsapp and Email.

As a solution to this dilemma, there are basic smartphones, otherwise known as “dumb” smartphones, which do have WhatsApp and Email but due to their simplicity and buttons (as opposed to touch screen) other general smartphone functionality is limited. (It should be clear that although limited, these phones still have Wifi and a browser and therefore caution should be taken.)

The Nokia 8110 is a phone that fits in this category of the basic smartphone. It is a remake of the Nokia phone from 1996 and caters to the retro market. I used this phone for about a year and enjoyed it very much. Its simplicity and affordability without compromising on having Whatsapp had me sold. The shape is a bit odd (hence the name the Banana phone) and the buttons are a bit small for texting but still manageable.

If you are on a budget, I would definitely recommend this phone to you. It’s currently selling on Amazon for $69. To buy (make sure it’s the international version) click here.

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