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Home Organizing is the new fad – and for good reason too. Having a clean, well-functioning home is every woman’s dream, but a hard ideal to attain, especially in a small Israeli apartment. Here is a useful list of organizational tools to get you started on your journey!

Hire a Professional Organizer

It’s hard to stay self-motivated, and organizing your entire home could be a big job. Life gets busy just keeping up with the day today. A professional organizer will come into your home and do a beautiful job for you. Some may even bring their own containers and bins, give you tips and tricks to keep it neat and the best part is the job will be done in a few days. Find someone that is your style, and will take into account what you like.

Put it away!

 Whatever you touch…you put away!   It may sound simple but this is your main goal. Everything you use has to go back into its designated place. If you put ingredients away right when you’re done with them, or unpack your bag as soon as you get home, you’re making cleanup time much easier for yourself. This is a great habit to get used to.


Minimalism is a concept about keeping only what you need and use. Everything in your house should have a functional purpose, and make you happy. Try not to get caught up in the “what if’s and maybes”

“What if I need this ribbon for a gift or project?“

“Maybe I’ll decide to fix this broken toaster one day”

Chances are it’s not worth the space it takes up in your home. Keeping things for years, in case they may become useful for you one day, can even backfire when you buy a new one anyhow because you can’t keep track of what you own. Try it! You’ll also find you’ll have a clearer head and a lighter conscience with less clutter and personal belongings.


 Create a cleaning routine. The key here is to build good habits. Set aside 30 minutes a day to focus on general tidying. When you clean up after each day, you avoid huge buildup and therefore overwhelming cleanup jobs.  Make sure not to add to many tasks to your daily routine otherwise you’ll hit burnout.


Give Each Item a Home

 When every item has a specific place it belongs to, clean up becomes a much easier job. The always-present stack of papers on your dresser isn’t there anymore, and your table is no longer the dumping zone. When your groceries arrive, each item has a designated spot it belongs to. It’s a practical and necessary step to get to a clean and organized home.


Bins and Containers

 I’m sure you’ve heard of this popular tool in home organizing.

To be honest I was a strong skeptic when I looked at my messy food cabinet and was suggested “bins and containers” by an organizational savvy friend. “You just don’t get it,” I told her “ Israeli apartments are simply too small to house everything we need. My Keter cabinet can’t possibly have space to organize neatly” I was shocked how beautiful and neatly everything fit in with designated baskets! Each genre of food, plastic wear, and ingredients went into their basket for a clean look, and easy access. No more throwing things back into my cabinet without looking, and no more rummaging through piles to find what I need. When everything has its own small home, putting things away, and then pulling them out for use, becomes so much easier. Look at it as a long term investment. The more clearly and the more organized you create your space to be, the less often you’re going to have to reorganize because it will keep itself neat.

Next came my clothing closets. Classic Israeli shelves are big, wide, and long, – not conducive to giving each item its own home. Buy a container for everything. This way it’s easy to clean up and put your folded laundry away, and even easier to take your clothing out quickly in the morning – without any mess! This is a one-time investment and very worth it!

Great place to buy containers and the like for good deals in Israel:

Super Home -Kanfei Nesharim St 64, Jerusalem

Imperiat Hachessed –Petakh Tikva St 16, Jerusalem

IKEA (Craft Workshop Mount Good, Eshtaol: The 7th, Eshtaol (Near Beit Shemesh))

Max Stock – Jaffa Street 323, Jerusalem



You may have heard of this idea too.   Labeling is a popular organization tool and very helpful. You’ll quickly become obsessed with labeling entire cabinets and shelves for the practicality, and impressive look.  Besides from the neat feeling it gives your bins and containers, it helps you and your whole family stay organized, with this little reminder where your items belong. You can label bins with more than one item if you keep things together, i.e. “breadcrumbs, pasta, and rice”. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still have to remind your husband that no, croutons do not go under “tools and battery’s” but it’s worth the shot!

Click here for a label maker.



You may feel like organizing toys is a hopeless endeavor – if you have kids, and they have toys, it’s going to be messy, right? It doesn’t have to be! Invest in a functional toy organizer, so your toys have a proper and nice-looking place to go when they’re not being used. This will ensure cleanup to be the least stressful because each toy has a designated spot.

IKEA has many great options:

“The TROFAST toy organizer series makes it easy to find a spot for even the biggest collections. By combining the sturdy frames, removable boxes, and colors, you can personalize a solution that fits your space perfectly. And a bonus? The low height creates easy access for little ones to independently play and proudly clean up on their own.” Look it up here.

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