Portable Grill

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גריל גז נייד O GRILL

On the Amgazit website, this grill is selling for 1290 NIS. But now you could get it on sale at Balko for only 950 NIS. Click here to make sure you don’t miss out on this sale! In addition, this grill can also be purchased in-person at Gas Noni located at בר אילן 30, ירושלים, although a bit more expensive. There you can buy different size propane tanks, refill your tank for only 95 NIS, and buy all the grilling accessories you can dream of.

After we bought this grill, we couldn’t believe how we went so long without it. The convenience, ease of use. and of course, tastiness was a total game-changer for supper throughout the entire summer season. Be it chickens, steaks, or just grilled vegetables, your grill pan just can’t produce what this grill can do. (This grill should only be used outdoors) Let us know how you enjoy this product so we can feature your review on Live Your BIL!

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