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Now I know as you see this item you are probably going to roll your eyes but just hear us out. When living in Israel, you might not be living in a mansion as Israeli apartments tend to be on the smaller end. Therefore, it is crucial that your home goods are compact and small and not large and bulky taking up extra space.

When we first came, we bought the standard drying rack that they sell in the basic stores (Imperiat Hachesed, etc.) but it was huge, bulky, and just sprawled all over the place without a very good storage option either. After a few years, we went on to try another one that they sold in stores (the only other one available in stores) and it was a nightmare. When built, it didn’t hold together, besides it being large and bulky in nature.

At that point, we decided to just bite the bullet and order one from Amazon. Although there wasn’t the promotional free shipping on it (we couldn’t find any that offered that option), it was 100% worth it and was a complete game-changer and I can’t tell you enough how happy we are that we got this. (If you can have someone bring it from the U.S. that’s even better.) The drying rack pictured is small and compact when extended without compromising on drying space, and folds up nice and compact for storage. If you live in Israel and need to use a drying rack for certain garments, I seriously advise you to go with this item from the beginning to avoid these headaches. Click here to get your dream drying rack today!

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