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“What are you going to tell me about the Ikea highchair that I don’t already know?” Here you go, I am going to tell you how awesome it really is! Coming from someone who started off with a different highchair and then got the Ikea one I feel very qualified to do so!

When I was first in the market for a highchair, I was looking for one that looked nice and seemed comfortable for the child. Therefore the Ikea highchair did not make it onto my list. I bought a standard highchair with a cute patterned cushion, a footrest for the child, adjustable height…. and then I used it for years and absolutely hated it. It was huge and bulky and SO HARD TO CLEAN.

Enter the Ikea highchair. Small. Compact. Sleek. Easy to use. Most importantly, easy to clean!! It is the most compact highchair you can find and is so unobtrusive in your dining room. Because it is one piece of plastic and doesn’t have hundreds of little grooves it is so easy to clean. You can also buy a cushion with a cute patterned cover (or a custom cover if you so desire). After my first time using it I was sold and I hope you will be too.

P.s. my baby loves it too! Click here to see this must-have item on the IKEA Israel website.

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