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We thought we had upped our coffee game when we got our Nespresso…but then we bought a milk frother (was a great mother’s day gift). It’s a complete game-changer.

First of all, the fact that it heats the milk makes the biggest difference to your cup of coffee. It keeps your coffee hot for much longer so you’re not left with a lukewarm drink after a few minutes. But for those who prefer the lukewarm drink after a few minutes, you can froth the milk without heating it, too! Secondly, the froth on top (sprinkled with some cinnamon floating on the fluffy milk slowly sinking in) gives the coffee the appearance and sensation comparable to that of a fancy store-bought coffee, but better and all from the convenience of your home.

Obviously, if you are living in the United States, finding a reasonably priced frother is no biggie with websites such as Amazon. But when in Israel, these things tend to be more expensive, especially if you look in the Nespresso store (in Mamilla Mall). But we found a small but fully stocked electronic store in Ramot Mall, mentioned in the post below, called חשמל ברמות that sold the frother pictured above for only 169 NIS.  Let us know how you enjoy this product so we can feature your review on Live Your BIL!

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