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We will feature our must have products in Israel to help you Live Your Best Israel Life

IKEA Highchair

“What are you going to tell me about the Ikea highchair that I don’t already know?” Here you go, I am going to tell you how awesome it really is! Coming from someone who started off with a different highchair and then got the Ikea one I feel very qualified to do so!

When I was first in the market for a highchair, I was looking for one that looked nice and seemed comfortable for the child. Therefore the Ikea highchair did not make it onto my list. I bought a standard highchair with a cute patterned cushion, a footrest for the child, adjustable height…. and then I used it for years and absolutely hated it. It was huge and bulky and SO HARD TO CLEAN.

Enter the Ikea highchair. Small. Compact. Sleek. Easy to use. Most importantly, easy to clean!! It is the most compact highchair you can find and is so unobtrusive in your dining room. Because it is one piece of plastic and doesn’t have hundreds of little grooves it is so easy to clean. You can also buy a cushion with a cute patterned cover (or a custom cover if you so desire). After my first time using it I was sold and I hope you will be too.

P.s. my baby loves it too! Click here to see this must-have item on the IKEA Israel website.

Drying Rack

Now I know as you see this item you are probably going to roll your eyes but just hear us out. When living in Israel, you might not be living in a mansion as Israeli apartments tend to be on the smaller end. Therefore, it is crucial to that your home goods are compact and small and not large and bulky taking up extra space.

When we first came, we bought the standard drying rack that they sell in the basic stores (Imperiat Hachesed etc.) but it was huge, bulky, and just sprawled all over the place without a very good storage option either. After a few years, we went on to try another one that they sold in stores (the only other one available in stores) and it was a nightmare. When built, it didn’t hold together, besides it being large and bulky in nature.

At that point, we decided to just bite the bullet and order one from Amazon. Although there wasn’t the promotional free shipping on it (we couldn’t find any that offered that option), it was 100% worth it and was a complete game-changer and I can’t tell you enough how happy we are that we got this. (If you can have someone bring it from the U.S. that’s even better.) The drying rack pictured is small and compact when extended without compromising on drying space, and folds up nice and compact for storage. If you live in Israel and need to use a drying rack for certain garments, I seriously advise you to go with this item from the beginning to avoid these headaches. Click here to get your dream drying rack today!

Milk Frother

We thought we had upped our coffee game when we got our Nespresso…but then we bought a milk frother (was a great mother’s day gift). It’s a complete game-changer.

First of all, the fact that it heats the milk makes the biggest difference to your cup of coffee. It keeps your coffee hot for much longer so you’re not left with a lukewarm drink after a few minutes. But for those who prefer the lukewarm drink after a few minutes, you can froth the milk without heating it, too! Secondly, the froth on top (sprinkled with some cinnamon floating on the fluffy milk slowly sinking in) gives the coffee the appearance and sensation comparable to that of a fancy store-bought coffee, but better and all from the convenience of your home.

Obviously, if you are living in the United States, finding a reasonably priced frother is no biggie with websites such as Amazon. But when in Israel, these things tend to be more expensive, especially if you look in the Nespresso store (in Mamilla Mall). But we found a small but fully stocked electronic store in Ramot Mall, mentioned in the post below, called חשמל ברמות that sold the frother pictured above for only 169 NIS.  Let us know how you enjoy this product so we can feature your review on Live Your BIL!

Nokia 8110 4G (Banana Phone)







When living in Israel, many people are torn between getting a Kosher phone or having a smartphone. They understand they are at a time of growth and limiting distractions usually comes hand in hand with growth. But on the other hand, they feel they need certain necessities such as Whatsapp and Email.

As a solution to this dilemma, there are basic smartphones, otherwise known as “dumb” smartphones, which do have WhatsApp and Email but due to their simplicity and buttons (as opposed to touch screen) other general smartphone functionality is limited. (It should be clear that although limited, these phones still have Wifi and a browser and therefore caution should be taken.)

The Nokia 8110 is a phone that fits in this category of the basic smartphone. It is a remake of the Nokia phone from 1996 and caters to the retro market. I used this phone for about a year and enjoyed it very much. Its simplicity and affordability without compromising on having Whatsapp had me sold. The shape is a bit odd (hence the name the Banana phone) and the buttons are a bit small for texting but still manageable.

If you are on a budget, I would definitely recommend this phone to you. It’s currently selling on Amazon for $69. To buy (make sure it’s the international version) click here.

Nespresso Machine

Whether you are a serious coffee drinker or not, drinking a cup of coffee prepared with a Nespresso machine is taking it to new heights! The efficiency, convenience, variety, and of course fine taste of coffee with a cup of coffee from a Nespresso machine are all the reasons why you should consider this item. It’s a great birthday or anniversary present for all coffee drinkers.

We understand though that the steep price might make such a purchase more of a fantasy than reality. However, there are ways to get it at a more affordable price. The basic model, Inissia, has been discontinued but it can still be purchased for much cheaper than other models and it works perfectly. It can only be bought from a third party seller as it is no longer available at Nespresso but making it much cheaper.

We bought ours on Amazon UK for well under $100 but requires a converter for usage in Israel. Unfortunately, the price has gone up, but it is still far less than the current basic model being sold at Nespresso. You can buy it here on Amazon for $129.99 or from an electronic store in Ramot Mall (see map below) on the third floor called חשמל ברמות for around 500 NIS (last I checked). Let us know how you enjoy this product so we can feature your review on Live Your BIL!

IKEA Kitchen

While living in Israel, Children’s toys being priced at reasonable costs is a rarity. Especially American brands such as Fisher-Price, Step 2, and Playmobil which need to be imported are quite expensive.

When our children became of age to buy a toy kitchen, we initially bought an Israeli brand toy kitchen but it was of poor quality. It tipped over and our children lost interest in it very quickly. To buy a high-quality brand and decent sized toy kitchen in the United States and have someone bring it was not practical due to its size. But then we were introduced to the Ikea toy kitchen and we never looked back. Its size, sturdiness, and durability have made this purchase well worth it. In stores, the regular price is 495 NIS but it does go on sale to 450 NIS.

To see this product on the Ikea website, click here. Until the Ikea opens up in Beit Shemesh, the closest branch is located in Rishon LeTsiyon (see map below). Let us know how you enjoy this product so we can feature your review on Live Your BIL!

Portable Grill

גריל גז נייד O GRILL

On the Amgazit website, this grill is selling for 1290 NIS. But now you could get it on sale at Balko for only 950 NIS. Click here to make sure you don’t miss out on this sale! In addition, this grill can also be purchased in-person at Gas Noni located at בר אילן 30, ירושלים, although a bit more expensive. There you can buy different size propane tanks, refill your tank for only 95 NIS, and buy all the grilling accessories you can dream of.

After we bought this grill, we couldn’t believe how we went so long without it. The convenience, ease of use. and of course, tastiness was a total game-changer for supper throughout the entire summer season. Be it chickens, steaks, or just grilled vegetables, your grill pan just can’t produce what this grill can do. (This grill should only be used outdoors) Let us know how you enjoy this product so we can feature your review on Live Your BIL!

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