Rosh Hashana Recipes

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Rosh Hashana is fast approaching which means pomegranate season is around the corner! Luckily for us in Israel, this country is very holiday-oriented and symbolic. Whether you shop for your pomegranates in newly added bins at your local makolet, or from the teenagers yelling “Rimonim! Rimonim!” in the Shuk, you’re bound to end up with some of the land’s finest. Pomegranates play a big role in this auspicious time. You really feel the difference in this delicious Jewish country. Maybe you casually hear the shofar being blown through a Shul window as you pass by in the morning, or your child is coming home from Gan with familiar songs and projects. Either way, you can feel a serious tone take over. Rosh Hashana is coming and we want to increase our good deeds like the seeds of a pomegranate. What better way to represent this idea than on your Rosh Hashana table? Here are some delicious and easy ways to get 613 seeds into your Rosh Hashana feast.

Rosh Hashana Sangria
Ever want a fresh and fruity alcoholic beverage at your meal? Add some thinly sliced apples and the seeds of one pomegranate to any sangria. Yum! Click here for the recipe.

Quick and easy chatzilim
If you serve roasted eggplant with techina, throw some pomegranate seeds on top to add some deep purple color and unique flavor. Click here for the recipe.

Charred Green beans with a pop of color
Charred green beans are an all-time fav. With balsamic vinegar and garlic, you can’t go wrong. Why not throw in a handful of pomegranate seeds to add some crunch and a fresh burst of flavor? Click here for the recipe

*Any salad! *
Pomegranate seeds will immediately enhance any salad, and they go well with anything! Try it with regular veggies, a yummy fruit mixture or even over salmon or steak salad! Mmm enjoy! Click here for the recipe.

Yom Tov Meat
Speaking of steak salad, pomegranate seeds will greatly enhance your
Yom Tov meat as well. Add some right before serving to wow your guests – and your palate! Click here for the recipe.

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