Shelach 5780

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The Emes of Sheker

After the Meraglim come back from spying out Eretz Yisrael, they begin giving over their report. The Pasuk says ויספרו לו ויאמרו באנו אל הארץ אשר שלחתנו וגם זבת חלב ודבש הוא וזה פריה (יג,כז). At the beginning of the report, they seem to be positive and it is only in the following Pasuk which reads אפס כי עז העם וכו’ where the report turns negative.

Regarding the mention of וגם זבת חלב ודבש הוא וזה פריה, Rashi commentsכל דבר שקר שאין אומרים בו קצת אמת בתחלתו, אין מתקיים בסופו. Meaning, in order to sustain a lie, it must first be accompanied with some truth, and only then could the lie exist. Therefore, in order for the Meraglim’s lie to be believed by the people, they first needed to start with some truth.

But how could Rashi refer to the remainder of the Meraglim’s report as שקר if they were merely reporting what they saw? Read more..


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