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For many of us almost a year ago when Amazon began its free delivery campaign for many products to Israel for purchases of over $49, it was a true game-changer. Suddenly we could order almost anything we wanted, for a reasonable price, delivered straight to our door. Then in March when Amazon stopped shipping to Israel there was a feeling that this was the end. It was nice while it lasted, but if I can’t get it shipped here then obviously I will just keep shipping things to my parents, in-laws, or siblings and hope someone comes it soon. But as it seems like Israel may be cut off for some time LIVE YOUR BIL is going to take an in depth look and some things that still may be worth it to ship here. Our items may surprise you! Each we week will take one product or item discuss the details of it, and how it may be useful. Then we will look into buying it in Israel, the options both online and in-store. We will also discuss the Amazon price, the shipping options, and finally, we will give our opinion on whether or not it makes sense to buy it locally or to import it from Amazon! This week we will discuss a few universal ideas that one needs to keep in mind when ordering from Amazon. Many of these apply to all orders that come in from Overseas.

Two important things to keep in mind any time you are buying from Amazon:
1) VAT – Israel charges VAT of 17% on all imports including and above $75 (The interesting thing is that the $75 does not include the shipping, however you go over the $75 limit you must pay VAT for all the entire order (including shipping and handling fees). Interesting
enough this is strictly enforced $75 limit for VAT-free imports is strictly enforced if your order comes to $75.15 expect to pay Meches (VAT)
2) The item needs to be included in “The Amazon Global” inventory — items that Amazon ships
internationally. This rules our many electronics and food item. So when you are searching in
order to save yourself from some frustrations make sure you are looking for delivery to your
Israel address location
This week we will discuss the top reasons to both buy and ship or never buy and ship to Israel
from Amazon
Reasons to always look to buy and ship from Amazon:
1) Variety and Supply – Amazon has what you are looking for. With over 12 million products
available for purchase the chances are that you will be able to find what you are looking for
on Amazon. There is nothing more frustrating than walking through your local Tambor or
Makolet and have them tell you that they don’t carry that or that they need to order it, so
pay now and come back in 2 weeks
2) Ease of Order – This may only be applicable to some of you but if you live far from a toy,
hardware, clothing, electronic store, then how about waiting five days and have it delivered
to your door? Almost all Amazon orders are sent with local Mishlochim and even if they call
you to come down and pick it up from their car three blocks away, but, if you stand firm,
they will really bring it all the way up the stairs to your Dira!
3) Customer Service – Unlike some other stores, they really do value their customers and have excellent customer service. People are available and accessible to help at any time — anyone can call the contact center at any time, which is great for us in Israel. They allow returns easily and without making it a hassle. Locally they can have DHS pick it up, or in some circumstance will issue a return-less refund if the case warrants it.
However, it is not always so simple.
Reasons to never look to buy and ship from Amazon:
1) Timing– Shipping from America takes time. We are talking about at least a week, more likely two weeks, and definitely not unheard of to take even longer. Amazon, in their estimated shipping, writes that it will arrive in about a month, buy-in LYB experience it doesn’t take THAT long but still a good chunk of time. So if you are looking for a kitchen appliance or a birthday gift and do not want to or can’t wait 10- 15 days then local is the way to go
2) Cost – No matter how you cut it International shipping is going to cost more than local domestic delivery.
This is because of the extra steps the item needs to take before arriving at its destination. Deliveries in Israel, generally get dropped off at the delivery company, where they are sorted by destination. Then, another driver takes the parcels from the depot to a specific city and delivers them. International deliveries, on the other hand, involve a lot of extra work. The boxes go through a clearing depot, before being taken to an airport to be loaded onto a cargo plane. The plane then takes all the parcels to the country in question, where each parcel has to go through customs to be inspected. Once the parcels are cleared, the parcel is passed on to the next courier to complete the last leg of the journey. All of this costs money. So this rules out most heavy and bulky items. The Excersaucer may only be $74.99 but if shipping so $160 then, most of the time, it doesn’t make sense
3) Voltage – Most Amazon electronics or appliances will be 120 Volts and over 1500 Watts. This means they won’t work with most converters that are available. So while you may love that pizza or waffle maker, adding in a commercial converter to make it work here in Israel just doesn’t make sense, both because it’s annoying to use, takes up a TON of space, and may not even make financial sense.
In the coming weeks, we will look at some products and go through the pros and cons of buying locally vs. buying from Amazon and shipping them in. Look for it in your Inbox! We are not talking about “Deals” or specials, simply regular items that you use daily, weekly, and see if ordering from Amazon should be part of YOUR BIL!

Please comment below if you bought something and paid to ship it here, or if you’d like LIVE YOUR BIL to review something.
One final thing to remember while we will be looking for items with consistent pricing and prices we discuss IYH will be accurate at the time of posting, Amazon’s prices are always changing. Make sure to check the price shown on Amazon when you are checking out, as that will be the price you are charged! If it went up, think about waiting a few days, and vice versa. If it went down, jump on it!

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