Fill ‘er up!

Whether you own or are renting a car, filling up gas is something most people will have to do while in Israel. Although it would seem simple, being that it’s in Israel, things can get slightly complicated.

The first thing you need to know is that  gasoline is בנזין in Hebrew. Some gas stations have both self-serve (שירות עצמי) and full service (שירות מלא) and some only have self-serve. At the pump, there are two options for filling up:

  • 95

  • סולר (Solar)

Most cars that you will be driving in Israel only require 95.

 The four main gas station companies are:

  • פז (Paz-Yellow)

  • דור אלון (Dor Alon –Red)

  • סונול (Sonol-flower)

  • דלק (Delek)

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