Parking in Jerusalem can be a nightmare.

Curbs that are red and white are officially off-limits for parking. Blue and white curbs are permitted parking but with payment.

The main method of payment is through the app called Pango. Although the app requires a Teudat Zehut number (Israeli ID), any person’s TZ will work even if it doesn’t belong to the credit cardholder. Remember that if the parking lot is paid to park until 6:00 PM, then Pango automatically stops after three hours and you need to restart it. If the parking lot is until 7:00 PM, then Pango automatically stops after two hours and you must restart it.

Using Pango with a rental car can be tricky if the license plate number was already registered with another account. To get around this problem, you have to call up customer service and set up your car with a representative. 

Click here for a link to download the app. 

To read about how to pay for tickets and for helpful links, click here.

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